‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Isn’t Rushing To Release Single Player DLC Because Profits From ‘GTA Online’ Continue To Surprise Even Take-Two

Following an initial launch launch on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 back in September of 2013, Rockstar Games has since released upgraded versions of the open-world crime title on current-gen platforms and even PC. The developer has also continued to support the game’s multiplayer counterpart, GTA Online, with regular free updates that give fans access to new content to the title’s online portion.

In fact, Rockstar Games has introduced so many additional features that they had to stop supporting Grand Theft Auto Online on older consoles because the last-generation systems simply couldn’t receive any more data due to memory limitations.

GTA V city streets
Newer versions of GTA V are visually superior to the game's original console editions [Image via Rockstar Games]

However, while Rockstar Games has showered users update after update for GTA Online, those wanting a traditional single player DLC have been left to wonder if Grand Theft Auto V will ever receive some kind of expansion to the main story campaign. Before the game launched it was widely assumed that there would be regular, single player DLC packs released for GTA V. Fast forward nearly two and a half years after its initial release date, many are beginning to give up their hopes for campaign DLC since the developer still hasn’t even hinted about wanting to work on a single player add-on.

GTA V heist
Players can team up to take on heist missions in GTA Online [Image via Rockstar Games]

So, with so many publishers and developers now relying on DLC sales to continue to support their games, why does Grand Theft Auto V seem to be so unconcerned about getting paid DLC on the market? The answer might be as simple as that the game isn’t in any danger of hurting for additional income. Besides selling tens of millions of copies, digital revenue from GTA Online‘s Shark Cards continue to help the franchise’s newest installment dwarf the series’ previous records.

Even Grand Theft Auto V parent company Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick admits to being amazed by exactly how well GTA Online manages to perform each quarter. In an interview with MCV, Zelnick revealed that the game’s online mode seems to never fail to outdo even Take-Two’s own projections. For example, the publisher stated that GTA Online had more digital sales and more concurrent players during the past few months than the game has ever seen.

“We’ve made no mystery of the fact that Grand Theft Auto Online continues to exceed expectations, and this holiday season was the best period ever, in terms of active users, consumer spending and the revenue from concurrent consumer spending. And that has a positive impact on our results.”

Of course Zelnick also stressed that Take-Two Interactive’s good fortune depends on more than just Grand Theft Auto V. The company also enjoys success with the help of their sports line-up and other popular gaming franchises.

“But we have other good results, as well. NBA 2K16 looks like it will be the most successful release in the history of the franchise. It has sold in over 6m units. We have also had a great result with WWE 2K16 and with Civilization. And of course with our catalog sales, which is led by a number of titles, including Borderlands.”

However, even with the help of other titles, Take-Two seems to be doing well thanks especially to GTA Online. Even when not actually adding new content to the game, developer Rockstar Games still manages to give players some reason to jump on the game with frequent bonus activities such as the current week-long online event. As the Inquisitr recently reported, fans can now enjoy extra rewards by playing any of the co-op contact missions inside GTA Online.

Giving gamers one final thing to look forward to, Zelnick also confirmed that Take-Two Interactive will also be attending this year’s E3 event “in a big way.”

Have you ever contributed to GTA V‘s ongoing success by purchasing online Shark Cards?

[Image via Rockstar Games]