Gordon Ramsay Tries Girl Scout Cookies On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has seemingly tried all kinds of strange and delicious foods over the course of his career and on his many television shows, but he only tried Girl Scout Cookies for the first time last night.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Scottish born chef appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night and was offered to do a taste test of Tagalogs, Samoas, and Thin Mints.

“I’m gonna first of all warn you this is almost sacred territory you’re entering here,” said Kimmel, who gave Ramsay a glass of milk to go with the cookies.

Kimmel continued, “There’s the American flag, and there’s Willie Nelson, and then we have Girl Scout cookies. Those are the three things we care about. I just don’t want to get you run out of the country.”

The Michelin-starred chef declared that Girl Scout cookies looked like “dog biscuits,” according to Yahoo! TV. He went on to try each cookie individually, and declared that the peanut butter-filled Tagalongs were just “okay.”

“That’s a bit weird,” said Ramsay, when he tried a Samoa, which consists of chocolate, caramel and coconut. He proceeded to then spit out the cookie and throw it on the floor.

Then came the real test, Ramsay tried the unanimous favorite Thin Mint, a personal favorite of Jimmy Kimmel’s.

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The Scottish born chef was not a fan of Girl Scout Cookies, particularity the ubiquitous Thin Mint. [Photo by John Moore/Getty Images]
“That’s like a cheap, half-rate dinner mint,” said Ramsay, who again spat the cookie out of his mouth.

Kimmel then jokingly told the audience that Ramsay’s visa was now going to expire.

KHits 104.3, a Chicago radio station, declared Gordon Ramsay’s dislike of Girl Scout Cookies, as “blasphemy.”

“As far as American junk food goes, there’s almost nothing more pure and patriotic than Girl Scout Cookies,” the station wrote in a post.

“Gordon Ramsay deserves one of his own signature screaming sessions for this food offense,” said Michele Corriston of People, who described Ramsay’s reaction to the cookies as “downright un-American.”

Jon Blistein, a writer for Rolling Stone, described Ramsay as struggling “to choke down even the tiniest nibble of some Girl Scout Cookies.”

Coincidentally not long after the broadcast, Omaha.com published a story about nine wines that pair well with Girl Scout Cookies. They, along with Vivino, recommended that the Thin Mints should be paired with Brunello, a wine made of Sangiovese grapes.

Gordon Ramsay also made news earlier this week for a Twitter post that caused quite the reaction. According to PRNewser, when asked what could cause him to have an allergic reaction, Ramsay simply replied, “Vegans.”

“Sure, some of the real impassioned hipster types can be about as annoying as a PETA member touring Sea World, but Chef Ramsay just said what’s up,” said Shawn Paul Wood, a writer for PRNewswer.

Wood continued, “Sure, he was joking. Of course, it was a slight jab. But, these are vegans.”

Some Twitter users couldn’t help but to criticize Ramsay’s post.

Ramsay did prove though, he was a chef first, and TV star second, by opening a new restaurant at the InterContinental Bordeaux — Le Grand Hotel in Bordeaux, France. According to Robb Report, Ramsay’s Le Pressoir d’Argent restaurant will feature a menu based off of renowned cuisine from Aquitaine, France.

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Gordon Ramsay with his wife Tana at the 2015 Boodles Boxing Ball in London, England. [Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images]
Meanwhile, the cooking competition show Hell’s Kitchen on Fox starring Ramsay is now in its 15th season, according to Detroit News. Some of the challenges this season have included catering a wedding reception for the show’s sous chef, Andi Van Willigan, and for two Detroit-based chefs, the simple task of cooking chicken properly.

It will be a special year for Gordon Ramsay, who has been described as “Masterchef‘s answer to Simon Cowell,” by Delish. He will be celebrating his 20th wedding anniversary to wife Tana, with whom he has four children.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]