Yolanda Foster To Expose Divorce Secrets On ‘RHOBH’?

Will Yolanda Foster expose secrets of her divorce from David on the remainder of the sixth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? In a sneak peek at the remainder of the show, Yolanda Foster’s co-stars are seen reacting to the news of her and David’s split, but when it comes to Yolanda Foster’s own comments, she may not have much to say about the reason behind their breakup.

“Producers wanted to exploit [Yolanda Foster]’s divorce from David for ratings. There hasn’t been a lot of drama this season, and fans love Yolanda,” a source revealed to Radar Online on February 25. However, as the source explained, “[Yolanda Foster] and David have a very strict prenuptial agreement that says they can’t discuss each other negatively in any public setting … including television.”

Yolanda Foster announced she and David were divorcing on December 1, 2015, and officially filed weeks later. And while it wasn’t initially believed that her divorce would even be mentioned on the show, fans have since seen that it will be discussed by nearly every member of the cast.

According to Lisa Vanderpump, she suspects Yolanda Foster was blindsided by the divorce, while Kathryn Edwards feels she may have prompted it herself. Meanwhile, during a chat between soap stars Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna, Rinna, who feuded with Yolanda Foster for several episodes this season, told her co-star that she’d been feeling that Foster’s aggressions towards her may have been impacted by something else going on in her life. In response, Davidson said she hit the nail on the head, and was spot on with her theory.

As for Yolanda Foster’s own comments, she hasn’t yet been seen saying a thing. Instead, in the preview described, the reality star is seen at a Lyme disease gala, thanking her husband for being supportive of her and her illness, which she deemed “unromantic.”

“[Yolanda Foster] and David discussed the importance of handling the proceedings with dignity and class soon after she filed,” the insider continued. “So she refuses to speak badly about him on the show. Of course, she is saddened by the end of the marriage, but she won’t allow the intimate details of what led to the breakdown of the relationships to become public fodder.”

That said, Yolanda Foster is expected to play a big part in the upcoming drama during filming on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 Reunion Special, which has been scheduled for March 7.

“The stage is set for an epic showdown when the cast gathers for the reunion,” the insider said. “[Yolanda Foster] is ready to face the cowards who whispered about her while she was sick.”

Throughout the sixth season, Yolanda Foster has accused Rinna of claiming she wasn’t really sick by spreading a rumor about Munchausen syndrome. However, while Rinna was guilty of repeating the shocking comment, which alleged Yolanda Foster was simply pretending to have Lyme disease in an effort to gain sympathy and attention, she never said that she believed the rumor.

Yolanda Foster also took aim at Lisa Vanderpump, claiming the restaurateur talked badly about her children, when all she really did was say that Mohamed Hadid had not told her about his children’s Lyme disease diagnosis.

Yolanda Foster seems to have a lot of built up anger at this point, so whatever goes down at the reunion is sure to make for good television.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]