NeNe Leakes May Have Forgiven Cynthia Bailey But She Still Has Beef With This Person

NeNe Leakes may be back on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but she’s learning that not everyone is happy with her. NeNe came back on the show to make peace with Cynthia Bailey after the two had a falling out last season. And while this argument was settled and the ladies moved on, it sounds like Leakes still has some beef with a certain someone. According to a new Bravo report, NeNe Leakes hasn’t settled her beef with Wendy Williams. She dished several details about their troublesome relationship in an interview with

“I’ve been on her show several times — all of a sudden she starts bashing me every single week. The one time I came back and let Wendell know that she was not going to be doing that — she all of a sudden starting having an issue with me and never spoke to or about me again, as far as I know,” NeNe Leakes revealed during the interview, adding, “If she spoke to me today, I would speak to her. I don’t hold a grudge. I want to support Wendy. It’s not in my heart to not support another successful Black woman, but that’s just how it is right now.”

Leakes goes on to explain that the two had dressing rooms right beside one another at the Atlanta Ultimate Women’s Expo last May. This was after NeNe had told Wendy to stop talking about her. Apparently, Wendy’s husband, Kevin Hunter, had asked for Williams’ dressing room to be removed, because they didn’t want to spend time next to Leakes. As NeNe explains, this happened before she arrived, so she only heard about it afterwards. And things got worse when NeNe took the stage.

“When I got on stage to speak, I said’ I’m not gon’ give you 10 rules to live by.’ Wendy had opened up her speech with ‘I’m gon’ give you 10 rules to live by,’ and her husband felt I was shading her or being rude or whatever. And he was backstage cursing saying ‘Get that motherf***ing bitch off the stage!'” NeNe explains of the situation, adding, “I didn’t hear him, but he was backstage cursing and my people heard him. The State Patrol that was securing the stage heard him. He was just going crazy from what I understand backstage and they escorted him out of the building. But, he later apologized through some other people.”

While NeNe Leakes says she’s done everything to show support for Wendy Williams, she doesn’t feel that she’s getting that support back. In fact, she is disappointed that Williams is keeping the beef going by talking about her on her talk show. And NeNe says it’s sad that she can’t support Leakes, because she fully supports all African American women in business.

“It’s sad, because I would support her in a heartbeat. Like I would have no problem. That’s not my heart, That’s not who I am. Why would I not support this lady? What for?” NeNe revealed, adding, “That’s not my heart. But apparently that’s her heart — to bash African American women in the business. That’s all I’ve seen her do when she opens up her show.”

Some people may think that NeNe Leakes is causing trouble, which may be why Wendy Williams is so angry with her. Over the past couple of weeks, Leakes has made headlines for causing trouble on the set of Fashion Police. She recently revealed that she wasn’t the one causing trouble on set. Many rumors and reports surfaced earlier this week about NeNe acting like a diva on set. No other sources have spoken out about her behavior.

What do you think of NeNe Leakes still having beef with Wendy Williams?

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