Justin Bieber Reveals The Next ‘Purpose’ Single And You’re Going To Love It

It’s now common knowledge that Justin Bieber’s Purpose album is a must-have record. The pop icon has already seen three singles from it hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and achieve multi-platinum status. So what’s next?

Hard as that decision must have been, due to the quality of Purpose, Team Bieber has selected “Company” as the fourth single.

Def Jam Recordings revealed “Company” will be sent to radio on March 7 as the next official release.

The song is an sexy R&B mid-tempo, featuring a funky deep bass, shimmering high synths and an insistent chorus on which young Biebs asks, “Can we/We keep/Keep each other company/Maybe we/Can be/Be each other’s company/Oh company,” the 21-year-old sings on the chorus.

The verse lyrics are just as slinky. Justin suggests to a gal pal, “Let’s set each other’s lonely nights/Be each other’s paradise/Need a picture for my frame/Someone to share my reign.”

So, will “Company” follow the chart-slaying success of “What Do You Mean?” “Sorry” and “Love Yourself?” Is three times the charm, or can Purpose pull off four No. 1’s? “Mean” debuted atop Billboard’s Hot 100 following its release back on August 28. “Sorry” topped the Hot 100 for three weeks, and “Love Yourself” did so for two non-consecutive weeks.

All three singles also hit No. 1 in the U.K. and various charts around the world. Earlier this year, the Biebs made U.K. chart history with that trio when he became the first artist ever to the occupy the top three spots on the Top 40 chart. Each single also reached No. 1.

While in the U.K. earlier this year to perform at the U.K.’s Brit Awards, Justin was presented with a plaque marking his U.K. chart achievement.


So far,”Company” has sold 57,000 downloads as an album track without it being released as a single. Meanwhile, the dance video for the track — which is part of Bieber and Kiwi director/choreographer, Parris Goebel’s Purpose: The Movement film — has racked up over 17 million hits on the superstar’s official YouTube channel.

It remains to be seen how well “Company” does once it’s released. The track has already contributed to just one of the many, many records Purpose set after it dropped on November 13. It is one of 17 songs from the album which debuted on the Hot 100 a week later. In so doing, Justin smashed records previously set by The Beatles and Drake, both of whom had 14 songs chart simultaneously in a single week.

Amid radio stations already tweeting out plays of the songs and news of its upcoming radio impact, excited Justin Bieber fans have been tweeting their support for the choice and hashtags expressing hopes for a music video. A selection follows.

It’s been a historic new weeks for the 21-year-old. Last weekend, the hitmaker won his first Grammy alongside Jack U’s Skrillex and Diplo, for their transcendent EDM-pop juggernaut “Where Are U Now.” The trio also performed at the Los Angeles ceremony.

Then, at the Brit Awards, Justin delivered a rendition of “Love Yourself” with James Bay before thrilling the crowd with a fiery performance of “Sorry.” The singer also won the Best International Male Award at the ceremony.

Next up for television appearances and a promotion roll-out is the Biebs next single “Company.” Any bets on how high it will fly? Let us know your predictions in comments below.

[Images via Jason Merritt/Getty Images]