Is Kesha Lying About Being Raped By Dr. Luke?

Dr. Luke has finally spoken out about the judge’s ruling on the controversial rape case filed against him by pop singer Kesha. The music producer recently took to Twitter to defend himself against what he called “false rape” claims.

In a series of tweets, Dr. Luke denied all the allegations, saying he neither raped nor had sex with the singer. He added that the judge knows all the facts, which is why he did not rule in Kesha’s favor.

On Friday, a judge refused to release Kesha from her contract with Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records, even though the star argued that she does not feel safe with the producer and that her career is suffering immensely because she has been unable to record. She has been working with the producer since she was 18.

Now Dr. Luke, or Lukasz Gottwald in real life, is calling the pop singer and her mother liars for allegedly fabricating rape stories to further her own agenda. His lawyer also pointed out an instance where the singer lied about not knowing her father’s identity. Her father, Bob Chamberlin, reportedly told a magazine that he was present in Kesha’s life until she was 19 years old.

Supporters of Dr. Luke produced a video that shows the pop singer at a 2011 deposition testifying under oath that the producer never raped her. In the video, Kesha Rose Sebert was asked if Dr. Luke had given her the date rape drug, Rohypnol.

Kesha was documented saying “no” to the question. Dr. Luke also shared on his Twitter account a screenshot of the 2011 deposition, where the singer denied having intimate relations with him, which are inconsistent with her present claims.

“But lives can get ruined when there’s a rush to judgment before all the facts come out. Look what happened at UVA, Duke etc.” Dr. Luke tweeted, citing examples of victims of questionable rape accusations.

There have been sensationalized rape cases in the past, some of which shed light as to why some women lie about being raped. The “false rape cases” revealed that some women concoct rape stories to exact revenge, to get sympathy, to seek attention, or because of certain mental illnesses.

Dr. Luke also slammed Kesha’s attorney, Mark Geragos, for making another false rape claim involving Lady Gaga, which was later publicly denied by the artist’s camp. He then questioned if Geragos is sincere in his fight for women’s rights, considering he once represented Chris Brown who was previously accused of domestic violence.

However, Kesha has repeatedly said that filing a rape lawsuit against Dr. Luke has nothing to do with the renegotiation of her record contract. “This is about being free from my abuser,” she said in a statement she posted on her Facebook page.

“I would be willing to work with Sony if they do the right thing and break all ties that bind me to my abuser. But at this point, this issue is bigger than just about me.”

Her rape case has drawn a lot of support from her fellow artists and fans, who organized a #FreeKesha rally scheduled for Friday. Among the many artists who have expressed their support for the pop singer include Lady Gaga, Adele, and Lena Dunham.

The latest development in this Kesha versus Dr. Luke war has produced more questions than answers. If Kesha once denied the rape claims, then why is she reviving the same issue? Is there any motive as to why she would do that considering a rape accusation could ruin her and other people’s lives? What will happen if the court finds Kesha is lying about being raped by her music producer?

So what do you think? Is Kesha lying about being raped by Dr. Luke?

[Images by Jamie McCarthy and Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images]