Christian Slater’s Own Father Sues Him For $20 Million

Christian Slater is facing a law suit that has been brought against him by his own father in the amount of $20 million.

The Mr Robot star is being sued by his father due to claims that he has defamed and slandered Thomas Knight Slater. The Wrap shares details about the claims made by Slater’s father.

“In the suit, Thomas Knight Slater — who also goes by Michael De Gainsborough and Michael Hawkins — claims that the younger Slater described his father as suffering from manic-depressive schizophrenia in an interview last year. The suit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday, claims that the claim is the latest chapter in ‘an ongoing slandering, libeling and defaming’ of the elder Slater, who claims to have been ‘blacklisted in the show-business community… he can no longer find work, which has been the case for decades now.'”

Mary Jo Slater, Christian’s mother, is also named in the suit against the actor. Christian’s father is not a stranger to the world of entertainment. He has worked as an actor on a variety of shows, including As The World Turns, Search for Tomorrow and Ryan’s Hope.

The suit states that “[The defendant does not have ] a medical credential, or the ability to diagnose manic-depressive schizophrenia.”

A spokesperson has not yet commented on behalf of Christian Slater in regard to the suit. As stated, the suit is “Alleging slander, libel, defamation of character, invasion of privacy and other counts.” The suit is also “seeking ‘compensatory damages not less than $20 million.'”

Although it is reported that elder Slater is suing Christian over a 2015 interview in which his son stated his father suffered from mental illness, and that this interview has affected his acting career, the Toronto Sun relays that the 80-year-old has not acted since 1988.

Additional words shared within the suit indicate the supposed effects that Christian’s interview disclosure had on Thomas Knight Slater over the past year since it took place.

“[T]his publicly embarrassing disclosure, according to proof, has ruined his career in the stage, motion picture and television industry which he has never recovered from.”

People makes note of the incident wherein Christian Slater spoke of his father’s supposed mental health issues. The chat was between Slater and a reporter for Interview magazine in the June 2015 issue of the publication.

“I haven’t seen him in a few years. We just spoke recently. He’s a manic-depressive schizophrenic. He’s always had trouble – he was a fantastic actor and extraordinarily charismatic and very, very good looking, but he had a really difficult time working with directors, collaborating with people.”

The award-winning actor also has spoken fondly of his father, sharing that they both have hoped for reconciliation,

“My father actually reached out to me and wanted to reconcile and reconnect. I was very grateful to be able to communicate with him. From a tumultuous, back-and-forth relationship, we were able to begin to build a better bridge for the both of us. So that was good.”

A jury trial is reportedly being demanded for the suit by Slater’s father.

Although Slater senior is not working as much as he apparently wishes to, Slater junior has shared his enthusiasm about being on board for Mr. Robot and recently noted this during an interview with Today.

“I’m proud to be a part of it. Season 2 is going to be a good ride.”

[Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images]