#FreeKesha Protest To Be Held On Friday In Front Of Sony Records In New York City — Will Rally Force Sony To Release Kesha From Contract?

Kesha fans have been keeping the #FreeKesha hashtag alive since learning the singer lost her bid to record music away from Sony Records and Dr. Luke last Friday. Since then, fans and celebrities alike have come together in support of Kesha, who broke down in sobs when the judge denied her injunction. Now the pressure is on Sony Records to let Kesha go and an upcoming rally on Friday, February 26, will be held right outside their New York City offices to demand just that.

During the court proceedings last week, Kesha was told that she would have to continue recording with Sony Records but would not have to work with Dr. Luke who stands accused of emotionally and sexually abusing her. The issue with that ruling is that Dr. Luke’s name will remain on any music that she produces until she has completed all eight albums in her Sony contract and he will continue to profit from her work.

A press release from Unbendable Media details the #FreeKesha protest against Sony Records. “The #FreeKesha movement has shaken the pop culture community,” said Care2 Online Organizing Strategist Lacey Kohlmoos. “Whether or not Kesha’s music affected someone personally, this case represents the unfair treatment of sexual assault survivors around the globe. It is important for Sony to see the uproar they have caused, so protesters are bringing it right to their front door.”

Many are wondering why Kesha won’t just record with Sony since they have offered for her to make music without Dr. Luke. “Kesha was offered by Sony to record music with producers other than Dr. Luke,” protest organizer Michael Eisele said. “However, Kesha is signed with Kemosabe, Dr. Luke’s recording label, which is under Sony Music’s umbrella. Therefore, any music Kesha is expected to release will be under his label, have his name on it, earn him profits and will be undoubtedly left to plummet…regardless of who the producer is.”

Eisele will be at the New York City rally with Kesha’s friends and supporters. He will also personally hand deliver emails from Kesha’s fans to Sony Records executives to let them know how badly so many people want Kesha to be let out of her contract with Dr. Luke and Kemosabe Records.

Kesha has received a huge amount of support in her efforts to get released from Sony Records and away from Dr. Luke. After losing in court last week, many celebrities stepped forward to publicly comfort Kesha. Lena Dunham and Adele are among other celebrities who have tweeted support. Taylor Swift even went so far as to donate $250,000 to Kesha to help her while unable to record with mounting legal bills.

Anothing singer, Zayn Malik, made huge headlines when he was dropped from his Sony contract, so Kesha fans want to know why she can’t go. Sony Records says it’s more complicated than that. Because of Kesha’s contract with Dr. Luke’s company Kemosabe Records, Sony can’t just cancel Kesha’s contract on their own. Dr. Luke would have to consent to the contract release and he does not. Actually, the Kemosabe Records music producer is countersuing Kesha and has gone on a social media campaign proclaiming his innocence. So as much as Sony Records probably wants to be out of this public relations nightmare, they are caught in the middle of Kesha, who wants out, and Dr. Luke, who doesn’t want to lose his investment.

The details for the #FreeKesha event are as follows:

What: #FreeKesha! Protest Sony Music!
When: Friday, February 26th 10am-12pm
Where: Sony Headquarters, 550 Madison Ave, New York, NY

[Photo by Katie Stratton/Getty Images]