David Norton Of 'Married At First Sight' Denies Domestic Violence, But Police Reports Tell Another Story

David Norton is single once again, but things from his past are coming back to bite him, and it's not looking good. In Touch Weekly just shared that even though Norton is denying that he was abusive to his ex-girlfriend, police reports make it look like there is more to this story. This all went down back in August of 2007, but once you get on reality television, people want to know your past business. Now, David's past is being brought back up and, of course, Norton is not very happy about it.

David actually spoke out about these allegations recently and tried to say that things were not as bad as the rumors flying about him. David Norton admitted to being angry but said that he never hit anyone. David revealed the details.

"I was arrested when I was 21, after I got into a loud fight with my brother when I caught him with my girlfriend. I smashed a phone in anger, and I wanted nothing more than to get them out of the house. While I was angry, I never hit anyone. I was cited for disorderly conduct, and I ended up attending one two-hour class. Neither my girlfriend nor my brother ever filed charges, and I was never convicted of any crime."

The police documents, that were obtained by In Touch, show that things were worse than David Norton wanted to admit.

David's girlfriend at the time explained what went down and said, "I pushed him away from me and ran for the door; when I got there he pushed me and I flew out of the door."

The report shares that David Norton did break his girlfriend's cell phone, which he admits to doing. David's brother Brian told police that David was "very controlling and possessive." Brian went on to explain, saying that "David got in my face saying he will slit my throat and [his girlfriend's]." Of course, nothing that bad went down, but the threats were there.

It turns out that David Norton actually ended up pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct, and documents show he completed not one but 26 two-hour court-ordered anger management classes in 2008. David tried to say it was only two hours. In the report, David's girlfriend at the time shared that he followed her from room to room in the house and was very "possessive." She also said that David grabbed her before she pushed him away.

The New York Post shared how David Norton reacted to Ashley's decision to call their relationship quits and move on. David is now sharing his thoughts and says that he knows Ashley wasn't attracted to him. David admits that they never really tried or did the homework that the experts gave to them. David admits that he only shared one kiss with Ashley during their entire marriage.

David Norton loved doing the show and doesn't regret his decision. He still believes in love and marriage, so hopefully someday he will find the perfect person for him. It may just take him some time to find the right girl. David thinks that everything along this road of life is taking him where he needs to be.

Do you think that David Norton might have done a bit more than he admitted? Do you think that David and Ashley should have tried to make their marriage work? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don't miss Married at First Sight on Tuesday nights on A&E and FYI.

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