Jonah Hill Confirmed For ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Remake, But Not Really — Another Internet Hoax

Talk of a sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire had been around for years, and everyone always hoped that Robin Williams would don the make-up and dress one more time. When he passed away in August of 2014, all talk of that sequel went out the window. Now, there is a lot of internet chatter going on due to a Mrs. Doubtfire remake happening, and it’s even been confirmed that Jonah Hill will take on the lead role.

Well, that may sound interesting to some and horrible to others, but it doesn’t matter — it isn’t true. It’s just another internet hoax.

Many feel that there is absolutely no one who could play the role like Robin Williams did, and fans would actually rather no one try. They’re actually happy with the single film being the only one ever because Robin Williams can’t reprise his role as the hip old granny.

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Still, an article from the Hamilton Mare is being passed around social media that says not only is the Mrs. Doubtfire remake happening, but that Jonah Hill is confirmed for the lead role. The site reports that the reveal of Hill taking on the role was revealed as of Tuesday, February 23, 2016.

Since then, the article has been shared on Facebook over 55,000 times.

The report states that Sony Pictures revealed a remake of the 1993 hit film will be remade and that Hill was signed on. That’s kind of odd since 20th Century Fox did the original, but Sony apparently still said they’ve wanted to do this film for almost a decade.

In the article, there is even a reported quote from director Christopher Columbus, who was at the helm of the original Mrs. Doubtfire. Columbus reportedly said that filming was planned to start in “August and to have it out in theaters for about February next year.”

That’s some seriously fast turn-around time for production, filming, editing, and release.

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Put your mind and anger at ease, because it isn’t even happening.

A remake or sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire could very well happen sometime in the future, but it is not happening right now. It also, most certainly, does not have Jonah Hill signed on to star in the lead role of the film.

All anyone has to do is a little research to figure that out, but That’s Fake did it for them if they don’t feel like doing the work on their own.

Sony Pictures has not released any statement on a Mrs. Doubtfire remake. Christopher Columbus did not speak on a sequel or remake. Jonah Hill is not attached to star in the role made so famous by Robin Williams. In a nutshell, this is a fake news story, and it’s not happening.

For those that don’t scroll all the way to the bottom of articles on the Hamilton Mare, there is a disclaimer.

“The Hamilton Mare is a fabricated satirical newspaper and comedy website. The Hamilton Mare sues invented names in all is stories, except in cases when public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental.”

Strangely enough, OK! Magazine fell for it and posted Jonah Hill-fronted Mrs. Doubtfire remake as a real story. Searching in Google still shows it, but now the link redirects to Express.

The internet is full of fake stories and far too many celebrity hoaxes, but people buy into them, so sites will keep doing them. One of the fakes could be Facebook privacy notices, hordes of celebrity death hoaxes, or Mark Zuckerberg giving away millions of dollars. The story of Jonah Hill starring in a Mrs. Doubtfire remake is being passed around, but is simply another hoax and fake.

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