Hillary Clinton Visits The Set Of ‘Scandal,’ Hugs Olivia Pope And Poses With President Grant

It’s fair to say that Hillary Clinton has experienced her fair share of scandals over the years. From Whitewater to Benghazi, Clinton has proven that she can handle herself in tight situations. On a lighter note, Clinton recently became a part of another scandal when she paid a visit to the set of Shonda Rhimes’ presidential drama, Scandal.

According to USA Today, Clinton’s visit to the set of Scandal was quite unexpected. Apparently, the Democratic candidate for the next president of the United States was in the area for a fundraising opportunity. Since several members of the show are huge Clinton fans, she decided to drop on by and show her own support for the series.

Shortly after her visit, Scott Foley posted a picture of his encounter with Clinton on Instagram. The photo included a shot of Clinton sitting beside the man who plays Scandal’s very own president, Tony Goldwyn. “So, this happened while I was directing tonight. No big deal. #imwithher,” Foley, who was directing at the time, wrote alongside the image.

Hillary Clinton, Tony Goldwyn and Scott Foley on the set of 'Scandal.' [Image via Instagram]
Hillary Clinton, Tony Goldwyn and Scott Foley on the set of ‘Scandal.’ [Image via Instagram]
Foley wasn’t the only cast member excited to see Clinton on set. Along with his post, Kerry Washington snapped a picture of her own of Clinton, which soon made its way to Instagram, as well. The image featured a shot of Clinton greeting the cast members while another showed Washington posing with the former First Lady. “A good friend came by set today,” Washington captioned the image. “Proud to say… #imwithher.”

Interestingly, the New York Daily News is reporting that some of the themes in the show echo the controversies Clinton has actually lived through. Most importantly, this includes her husband’s affair while in office, which is something that Scandal has dived into head first with Washington’s character.

In fact, one of the central themes of the series is Olivia Pope’s (Washington) relationship with President Fitzgerald Grant III (Goldwyn). In a similar way to what went down between Bill Clinton and White House intern Monica Lewinsky, the show explores the scandalous affair between Pope, a White House staffer, and Fitzgerald.

Hillary Clinton with Darby Stanchfield [Image via Instagram]
Hillary Clinton with Darby Stanchfield [Image via Instagram]
While this makes Hillary Clinton’s visit ironic on some levels, the show also includes the storyline of the first woman to run for the presidency in Mellie Grant. Grant is Fitzgerald’s former wife and First Lady, something that she shares in common with Clinton.

At the same time, Clinton is currently going through another scandal of her own. As recently as a few days ago, a federal judge published another round of Clinton’s private emails that she stored on a private server at her home. Whether or not her visit to the set of Scandal will raise any further concerns is yet to be seen.

Meanwhile, Clinton is currently in the midst of a tough primary race with her Democratic opponent, Bernie Sanders. So far, their race in the primaries has been close, with Clinton narrowly winning out in Nevada.

Speaking of her campaign in Nevada, We Love Soaps is reporting that Goldwyn actually helped Clinton in her Nevada campaign run last week. Apparently, Goldwyn’s support was well received, as Clinton eventually took home the win and the majority of delegates.

Considering her close ties with the cast members of Scandal, which includes the show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes, it will be interesting to see if she make some kind of cameo on the series. As of now, Clinton is not expected to appear on the show, though it would not come as a huge surprise if a deal is worked out for a future collaboration.

The current season of Scandal continues to air on Thursday nights on ABC.

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[Image via Instagram]

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