WWE News: Did Finn Balor Reveal WWE’s Name For The Bullet Club In NXT?

Ever since the announcement of Shinsuke Nakamura, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson surfaced, the rumors about the Bullet Club coming to the WWE hasn’t stopped. Finn Balor, a former member of the Bullet Club, was already in WWE NXT and was only waiting for his brethren to join him in the big leagues. He’s made sure to tease it on social media countless times, only to tease the fans even more. It’s obvious Balor enjoys tugging at the heartstrings of the fans.

The Bullet Club became a true household name in the last couple of years. It was always a famous stable in New Japan Pro Wrestling, but the popularity of it in the United States heightened when Balor was the leader. Since then, the Bullet Club is everywhere, even though the stable no longer exists. Kenny Omega, Nick Jackson, and Matt Jackson call themselves “The Elite,” thus ending that chapter in NJPW wrestling.

Omega turns
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Despite their conclusion in NJPW, Balor still has a chance to resurrect the Bullet Club and continue its legacy in WWE NXT. Right now, it has no place on the main roster. That needs to grow and forcefully push them to the moon and back. When it finally debuts, it will be reminiscent of the Shield, but this time, it’ll include the NXT Heavyweight championship.

One question has been pondered by WWE fans since the announcement of their transition to the WWE: What will they be called in the WWE? They don’t have the trademark for Bullet Club. That will most likely remain in NJPW. So, what do they call the new stable? Finn Balor tweeted himself a new name that may be the stable’s identity in WWE NXT.

Bulletproof BC sounds like a mouthful, but it packs a punch that the Bullet Club did for so many years. It’s truly difficult to find a name that makes sense for the stable waiting to debut at NXT Takeover Dallas or beyond. At one point, it appeared that the name would be “Balor Club,” but one Division-1 university is trying to take that trademark before Vince McMahon can.

“If WWE has any plans for their ‘Balor Club’ trademark, there might be a legal monkeywrench in the mix. PWInsider reports that Baylor University in Waco, Texas is trying to block WWE’s trademark on the phrase, which itself is a play on New Japan’s Bullet Club.

“The University has until March 5th to either file an opposition or request an extension on their intent to oppose. WWE initially filed the trademark back in April of last year; the opposition filing was on January 5th.”

“Balor Club” made a lot more sense, but the WWE will have to deal with the hand they’re dealt. As long as the stable name isn’t weak or silly, the WWE Universe won’t care in the end. They are going to see three or four of the world’s best wrestlers in a stable that can only add intrigue to programming. Just by looking at the picture below, it’s easy to see the command they have over wrestling fans. Balor barely speaks on TV and he’s the most-over man in WWE NXT.

Balor BC
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WWE has a full-proof storyline coming with Finn Balor, Doc Gallows, and Karl Anderson. It needs several months of progression and storytelling. These guys can do amazing things when given the opportunity. Whether it’s the Balor Club or Bulletproof BC, it will be spectacular.

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