“Chopped: Grill Masters” Series Premiere Tonight At 10 P.M. Eastern

The Chopped: Grill Masters series premiere to air tonight moves the competition from the Food Network‘s New York City studios to a Tucson, Arizona, ranch.

Sixteen chefs will compete in the five-part series. According to the New York Daily News

Every week, four chefs duke it out under the Tucson sun with a grill, smoker and the show’s infamous basket of mystery ingredients. One champion from each episode will then compete in the grand finale for a $50,000 prize.

The Chopped: Grill Masters shoot took nine days and was the first time that Chopped was taped outside of the Food Network Manhattan production facilities, but “producers made sure everything else stayed true to the show’s concept.”

Amanda Freitag, Aaron Sanchez, and Marc Murphy are the returning judges who “chop” the contestants from the tournament until there is one chef left standing. The first episode premieres at 10 p.m. Eastern time this evening.

In a bit of a twist (after all, this is reality TV), it turns out that two of the contestants are husband and wife, according to the Phoenix New Times:

Not only that, the two — Jennifer and Tommy Duncan –are married, and they run a barbecue catering business together in Gilbert [Arizona] called Whiskey Ranch. They played nice until the cameras started rolling, and as we’ve heard it, boa feathers were flying during the intense Chopped style grilling contest, filmed in Tucson.

The Food Network describes the show’s underlying concept as follows:

Chopped is a cooking competition show that’s all about skill, speed and ingenuity where four up-and-coming chefs compete before a panel of three expert judges and take everyday items and turn them into an extraordinary three-course meal.

Will you be watching Chopped: Grill Masters or are you more likely to tune in to Breaking Bad? Do you think there are way too many cooking competition shows on television (e.g.. Food Network, Bravo, Fox, and other networks) already?

[Image credit: Food Network]