The Knives Are Out For One Direction Star Harry Styles

Harry Styles one direction

Fans of One Direction star Harry Styles can almost hear the knives being sharpened as some sections of the media prepare an onslaught of negativity. For much of last year, Harry’s pal Louis Tomlinson was the subject of media negativity, but as was reported in The Inquisitr recently, the focus is shifting to Styles. We have seen a flood of recent articles reporting what Harry did not do and it seems that there is plenty more poised to come Styles’ way. It may just be coincidence of course, but the thinly veiled attacks on Harry began when it was announced that he was ditching One Direction’s management team.

It seems that whilst Harry is in London, he will not be attending tonight’s Brit Awards ceremony even though One Direction could well collect another couple of gongs to go along with their vast collection. The Sun reports that Harry’s bandmates Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne have flown in from L.A. and will be on hand to collect any award. It is believed that they will also present an award.

In his article in the Sun columnist Dan Wootton continues to push the rhetoric that Styles and Tomlinson are at war with each other.

“It proves their time apart as a band has not brought them closer and the deep divisions I revealed last year are still present.

“This could have been one last hurrah for the boys at what could be their last Brit Awards as a band. But Harry has shown no interest in attending and Niall is away on his holidays in Thailand.

“Louis and Liam want to be there as a thank you for all the fans voting for them in the Best Video category.”

It is widely known that the Sun has very close links with Simon Cowell and One Direction’s management team through writers Dan Wootton and Pete Samson. It is therefore something of a surprise that they have not noticed that Harry and his bandmates do not start their hiatus until March 16.

It is interesting that Wootton’s article claims that “Harry Styles snubs his bandmates and the Brit Awards.” The article mentions that Niall Horan is in Thailand, but strangely there is no mention of him snubbing anyone. At the same time, it is deemed newsworthy to mention that Harry posted an Instagram picture of himself enjoying a solo meal with the caption “Lonely buffet” and then claimed that Styles has “got three mates ready to share it with him if he’d just bother to show his face.”

Lonely Buffet. 1 of 1.

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Heat Magazine also takes the line that Harry has snubbed his bandmates by failing to attend the Brits. Harry’s fans will be well aware that Heat is owned by Bauer Media, who also have close links with One Direction’s management.

It is perhaps unlikely to be a coincidence that the negative reporting about Harry began when Styles broke from one Direction’s management. It may be that Harry is about to get the “Steve Brookstein treatment.” Like Styles and his bandmates Brookstein got his big break on X-Factor but he alleges in his book Getting Over The X that Simon Cowell set out to destroy him when he refused to go along with publicity stunts.

Like Styles, Brookstein wanted to quit Cowell’s label, and he claims that he was constantly attacked by the media, who destroyed his career and his health as a result.

Fans of Harry Styles and One Direction will be watching closely as the story develops. Harry will be a lot more difficult to damage than perhaps Brookstein was. After all, Styles is one of the biggest names in the music business. Styles has also made a very smart career move in signing with the Azoff organization. The Azoffs are known to be fierce advocates for their clients, and Harry will be well protected by them.

Many One Direction fans will believe that Styles and Azoff would be a formidable team to challenge should Cowell and his tame media friends set out to damage Harry.

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