Rihanna's 'Work' Lyrics: Here's What Rihanna Is Really Saying In 'Work' To Drake [Video]

Rihanna's song "Work" has caused plenty of commotion since Rihanna and Drake dropped their dual music videos for "Work" on Monday. With two versions of the same "Work" song, many people are focused on the visuals, with Rihanna dancing and staring in the mirror in one version at a wild party with weed and liquor. The second video features just as much heat between Rihanna and Drake, with Rihanna sporting a brilliantly long weave and a seriously short skirt.

Others are looking up lyric videos to Rihanna's work, and discovering sometimes that they still don't understand what Rihanna is trying to convey even after they read the "Work" lyrics on Genius. That is likely why the below cover from Samantha Harvey is so popular. Harvey writes on Facebook that it took her lots of time to translate Rihanna's lyrics for "Work" and come up with the below "Work" cover, where more insight is uncovered about the meaning of Rihanna's "Work" and her message to Drake.

On Facebook, Samantha's cover of Rihanna's "Work ft. Drake" has swelled to more than 6 million views. In Samantha's version of Rihanna's "Work" lyrics, the opening sentiments are as follows -- which is very similar to the "Work" lyrics displayed on Genius. The differences seem to be Rihanna is saying in her "Work" lyrics that she doesn't want to see Drake hurt. Both Rihanna and Drake have likely seen the other one "do dirt," or bad things, as the saying goes -- but there's still work to do to get back to that special connection that they obviously share.
When you gonna learn

Don't want to be hurt

Trying to deserve me

Don't want to have you lurking

I'm trying to deserve it

But you know I dealt with you the nicest

Nobody touch me so righteous

Nobody text me in a crisis

With the "nobody text me in a crisis" lyric, listeners can't help but harken back to the time when Rihanna was truly in crisis, and her bruised face appeared on TMZ after being allegedly assaulted by ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

In the Genius version of Rihanna's "Work" lyrics, there's a phonetical spelling that has folks trying to decipher the meaning of all that "work, work, work, work, work, work." However, the next "Work" lyrics undeniably speak of Rihanna believing in Drake's dreams, and Drake's love for her -- and seem to spell out the fact that Rihanna wore her heart on her sleeve for Drake, something that he might have taking lightly, like decoration -- something to play with and tear down.

If indeed Rihanna is singing her "Work" lyrics about Drake -- or some mixture of a man who she's been in a deep relationship with -- the "Work" lyrics speak of a broken heart. But there's hope. Rihanna reaches out in the "Work" lyrics, saying that the man (Drake?) better shape up and recognize before the tables turn and he wants her more than she wants him.
I believed all of your dreams, adorationYou took my heart and my keys and my patienceYou took my heart on my sleeve for decorationYou mistaken my love I brought for you for foundationAll that I wanted from you was to give meSomething that I never hadSomething that you've never seenSomething that you've never been!Mmmmm!But I wake up and act like nothing's wrongJust get ready fi...
Already, Rihanna's "Work" (Explicit) featuring Drake, has been viewed more than 15 million times on YouTube since being uploaded on February 22.

In the end, the "Work" lyrics show Rihanna's love once again on her sleeve -- or more rightly, all over the net for people to decipher -- begging a man who could be Drake not to leave her, but to give Rihanna another chance to love him deeper. Rihanna seems to be saying in her "Work" lyrics that she is in no position to act judgmental towards him, so perhaps it's time for something deeper.

Beg you something pleaseBaby don't you leaveDon't leave me stuck here in the streets, uh huhIf I get another chance toI will never, no never neglect youI mean who am I to hold your past against you?I just hope that it gets to youI hope that you see this throughI hope that you see this trueWhat can I say?Please recognize I'm tryin', babe!!!I have to
Rihanna have Drake risen to No. 1 on the Hot 100 list with "Work," reports Billboard‎.
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