‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Janel Parrish Exposes Mona’s Secret Agenda

Pretty Little Liars actress Janel Parrish is fairly open about her character, or as open as the PLL showrunners allow. Parrish recently revealed some insights into what’s making Mona Vanderwaal tick this season, as she becomes deeper embroiled in the drama between this new A and the rest of the liars.

Janel also talks about the Caleb love triangle that has so many fans nervously nibbling at their fingertips. Is Ms. Parrish cheering for Spaleb or is she clinging to the hope that there will be a Haleb reunion?

Pretty Little Liars‘ Janel Parrish Dishes On Mona


Foremost on everyone’s mind is the identity of A in this season of Pretty Little Liars and Janel says this new villain is more dangerous than either Charlotte or Mona, but still acts consistent with a Pretty Little Liars villain. Many theorize this new A is actually one of the liars (Aria…ahem!), but, while Parrish couldn’t confirm, she did say she thinks PLL fans will be in for a shock.

Leading up to the subject of her own character, Janel says Mona is very capable of getting back into the A game again. She’s an unpredictable character, which is what makes her so interesting for Parrish, as an actress. Even so, the Pretty Little Liars actress hints that Mona isn’t the enemy this time around and that, more than anything, she still just wants to be a part of the gang.

“They went through something crazy together and even though she still has her Mona-ness — her Mona-isms — ultimately, I think that she does want to help,” the Pretty Little Liars actress says. “[She] does want to figure out what’s going on and who’s doing this to them because she’s a part of it too — it’s happening to her as well.”

Which Caleb Couple Has Janel’s Vote?


Caleb and Hanna had been together from the very beginning of Pretty Little Liars, so it’s awkward to see Caleb getting intimate with Spencer, yet it is happening. Many PLL fans are clinging to the hope that Hanna will get back together with Caleb, despite what that may do to Hanna’s friendship with Spencer. Janel is one of those people.

“I love Haleb. I think they’re such a sweet couple, and their chemistry on camera is just amazing, so when I heard that they were going to be with Spencer and Caleb, I was like, ‘No, he’s supposed to be with Hanna! It’s meant to be, they’ve been through so much!’ So I’m rooting for Haleb.”

Pretty Little Liars has always been as much about romance as about mystery, so, with that in mind, thoughts turn to Mona’s love life. Ms. Parrish says she’s still rooting for her character to get back together with Mike Montgomery. When asked why, Janel said the only time Mona was able to let her guard down was with Mike and those were precious moments for her character.

Closing out the interview, Janel Parrish stressed just how shocking this season will be, adding that she thinks it will top previous seasons.

“It’s just going to get crazier. We always have twists and turns and our finales are always explosive,” the Pretty Little Liars actress said. “I honestly feel like the season six finale is the biggest shock that we’ve ever had on this show.”

While Janel claims not to know how the season will play out, it, seems she does know more than she’s letting on. Could she be as devious as her character, keeping secrets, from the rest of us, just like Mona keeps secrets from the liars?

The next episode of Pretty Little Liars airs on Tuesday, March 1 on Freeform.

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