February 23, 2016
Britney Spears' 'Breathe On Me' Steamy Instagram Video Bares Abs

Britney Spears has never been one to hide what she's got, and her latest Instagram posts that reveal a "huge" stomach tattoo are completely in character. According to the Daily Mail, the "Breathe On Me" singer left little to the imagination in her February 23 post. The short clips in the two Instagram posts give fans an eyeful of Britney "stripped down to her underwear" and showing off her "trim tummy" as part of a music video.

People magazine reports that Spears is "hotter than ever" in the post, and Britney's Las Vegas residency is probably the reason why she is so fit. The singer has had a sold-out run in Vegas and had to stay in top shape for her shows. Highlighting her stomach with the tattoo just took it to another level.

Spears' "Breathe On Me" was never released as a video, so she decided to tease the tattoo clip for fans on Instagram instead. "Breathe On Me" is all of 10-year-old, from Britney's fourth studio album In The Zone. According to Entertainment Weekly, MTV said that Breathe On Me was Britney's "most sensual" song on the album, and Spears' Instagram followers would agree with that.

Britney also teased new tattoos on her stomach, clearly visible because she's only wearing underwear. Spears' "black bra and underwear" bared her stomach so that the large tattoos were easy to see. She added a caption to the first video that explained why she posted the song.
"Girls just wanna have fun ;) Never released a video for this song... so decided to do a little tease on Instagram instead… enjoy!!"
Fans haven't been sure sure what to make of the new tattoos, and some noticed right away that an earlier version might not be real.
Spears' fans have definitely been enjoying the view of fit abs with the tattoo, and her nearly naked body.
Some have gotten their own tattoos in honor of Spears. "I got my new tattoo from the letter you wrote me. I love you so much. Thank you for everything," tweeted David LeCours
Although Spears is a mom with two children, Britney 2016 looks "just as good" in the video as she did when she was a teenager. As Spears' tattoo moves along with her stomach while she "gyrates and grooves" to the music, the Las Vegas star proves she still has what it takes.

Fans in Las Vegas are also enjoying Britney's style, and the sold-out crowd for the first of her final three shows on February 19 were "thrilled' with her 90 minute all-hits show. A few Britney lovers put a lot into seeing the Vegas show and traveled long distances. In answer to a Ticketmaster tweet asking what was the furthest followers had travelled to attend a concert, one Twitter user replied that he'd travelled from Brazil to Las Vegas to see Britney!

Those Vegas concert-goers didn't get to see Spears' tattoo though. That's something she kept for the world of Instagram.

[Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP]