Erin Andrews’ Lawyers Place Blame At Marriott’s Doors In Peeping Tom Case

Erin Andrews has become the center of attention, all due to video recordings that reveal her nude and undressing in her hotel room. The videos, taken by Michael David Barrett at Vanderbilt University’s Nashville Marriott, were filmed through a rigged peephole and show Andrews naked for four and a half minutes.

Now, as Andrews seeks $75 million in damages, blame is being placed on the Nashville Marriott for allowing Barrett access to guest information. While the hotel didn’t take an active part in filming Erin, her attorney, Randall Kinnard, says hotel employees should have known better than to freely give away guest details.

Erin Andrews’ Lawyer Argues That The Marriott Is Liable

In a dramatic opening statement at Erin’s civil suit, Kinnard told jury members that seven simple words could have prevented Michael Barrett from ever having made the nude video of Ms. Andrews.

“I’m sorry, we can’t tell you that.”

Those words, Kinnard said, were not used, as Barrett called the Nashville Marriott to request Erin Andrews room number. He adds that common sense should have warned hotel employees against giving that type of information out over a telephone, particularly when cases of harassment and stalking are so common among ex-boyfriends, ex-husbands, and even co-workers.

When Barrett was told which room Andrews was staying in, he requested and was given the room next door. As the trial commences, the jury will have to decide if these actions harmed Andrews and, if so, who was specifically responsible for that harm, Barrett or the Marriott.

The Nashville Marriott’s attorney contends that the hotel is clear of blame in this case and only the actions of Mr. Barrett are responsible for causing harm to Ms. Andrews.

Every lawsuit is a story,” Marc Dedman of Spicer Rudstrom in Nashville told the jurors. “You’re going to get a story from this side, and you get to decide what happened. This is a story about a serial stalker.”

Erin Andrews “Gets Salty” When Her Appearance Earns Locker Room Comments

Erin pursued a career as a sportscaster for her love of football, but she says she really doesn’t like being singled out for her appearance by the male athletes. She says she can’t do her job without having to hear comments about her hair extensions or her make-up, but no one ever comments on the way the male sportscasters dress. It’s a double standard that really gets under her skin.

“We have the best-looking guys at Fox. Michael Strahan, Howie Long, Jimmy Johnson, Terry Bradshaw…They work out all the time. Beautiful men wearing beautiful clothes. And nobody says anything about that. That’s the only time I get salty.”

Ms. Andrews has worked her way up through various positions, starting out with ESPN as a sideline reporter for college sports. She eventually was recruited by Fox and, over time, replaced Pam Oliver in the top sideline reporter spot.

Rumors circulated, suggesting that Erin took that top position from Ms. Oliver by unsavory means, but that was far from the case. Andrews says the gossip warped the truth far beyond recognition and she seems genuinely regretful. Erin says she wishes we lived in a world where women supported one another instead of trying to tear each other down.

Now, after she’s become acclimated to her new position, Erin says she loves her job and feels she made the right decision in leaving ESPN, but adds that there’s a tremendous amount of pressure placed on her. It’s more pressure thsn she’s ever experienced in her life, but it’s just as rewarding, allowing her to work in the NFL and also meet some of the best football players in the league.

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