Super Tuesday Polls: Donald Trump Leads Everywhere, Bernie Sanders Fading

Super Tuesday is always one of the biggest and most important days in every single election, and this year will be no different. There are already a lot of 2016 presidential polls and experts who say that some such as Donald Trump can’t possibly be caught by anyone else. Others now believe that a strong showing by Hillary Clinton on Super Tuesday could spell doom for Bernie Sanders. Let’s take a look at how things are going with less than a week to go.

With Trump’s recent win in South Carolina and a win in New Hampshire earlier this month, some are saying that it’s hard to think he can be caught. Those opinions were strengthened on Tuesday when Trump won the Nevada caucus by a considerable margin.

Trump took Nevada with 45.9 percent of the vote, and Marco Rubio came in second with 23.9 percent, while Ted Cruz was in third with 21.4 percent. With Super Tuesday arriving, there will be 12 states voting that day and here they are.

  • Alabama – D/R
  • Alaska – R
  • American Samoa – D
  • Arkansas – D/R
  • Colorado – D/R
  • Georgia – D/R
  • Massachusetts – D/R
  • Minnesota – D/R
  • Oklahoma – D/R
  • Tennessee – D/R
  • Texas – D/R
  • Vermont – D/R
  • Virginia – D/R
  • Democrats abroad – D

Business Insider reports that things are really going to pick up steam on March 1 for Super Tuesday, and so far, Trump is leading in eight of the 12 states that will be voting in the Republican Party. As of Wednesday morning, Trump was ahead in Alabama, Alaska, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Massachusetts.

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Now, The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Ted Cruz is currently ahead in Texas heading into Super Tuesday. That really shouldn’t be overly surprising, though, as he is the home-state favorite there, but he’s not ahead by a huge margin. As of Tuesday, he was leading Trump by eight support percentage points.

In Texas, Hillary Clinton is also leading the way going into voting on Super Tuesday, as she holds a 54-44 lead over Bernie Sanders. Yes, that lead is smaller than she had once held, but winning a state like Texas would easily give her a major push toward the Democratic nomination.

The New York Daily News believes that a strong showing by Clinton on Super Tuesday 2016 could end up being the nail in the coffin of Bernie Sanders’ run. Rodell Mollineau is a partner at political strategy firm Rokk Solutions, and he just feels as if Sanders may not have the power to come back after Super Tuesday.

“If you look at the pure mathematics and demographics of these states on March 1, I don’t think (Sanders) turns the tide and creates the level of political momentum he needs to win, like the levels he experienced after New Hampshire.

“Super Tuesday could be rough for him… Especially in these Southern states, the ones that have larger numbers of African-Americans.”

Hillary Clinton is heavily favored in Saturday’s primary in South Carolina, and she has a lot of support from the African-American demographic. A convincing win in South Carolina will only build up her momentum for Super Tuesday and make her day stronger.

super tuesday polls 2016 donald trump bernie sanders hillary clinton
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Experts believe that Bernie Sanders is at his best when he’s able to focus on one state and give it everything he has. The large amount of states voting on Super Tuesday could be his downfall, as the progressive senator just isn’t able to deliver all his attention in one spot as he did in New Hampshire and Iowa.

Super Tuesday 2016 is likely to deliver some huge messages in this year’s presidential election. In the Democratic Party, it could be when Hillary Clinton pulls too far ahead for Bernie Sanders to catch up. In the Republican Party, it could finally give true favor to Donald Trump. A lot is going to take place in the presidential polls over the next week, and could pave the way for the rest of the year.

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