‘Child’s Play 7’ Is Happening And Yes, Jennifer Tilly Is On Board

Edward VKanty - Author

Feb. 23 2016, Updated 1:15 p.m. ET

Chucky’s story is far from over. While rumors of another Child’s Play film may have once been scarce and unreliable, news of Chucky 7 is now a reality with two sources close to the film confirming that Chucky is back in a action.

Making this news that much more tantalizing is the fact that Jennifer Tilly is also returning for the seventh installment of the Child’s Play franchise. Formerly, Tilly played Tiffany, the love interest to Chucky and to the serial killer inhabiting him, Charles Lee Ray.

Child’s Play proves seven is Chucky’s lucky number

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Child’s Play may be the only major horror film franchise to have continued on without a reboot. While some may argue that 2013’s Curse of Chucky was intended as a reboot, it seems clear that the film remained in canon and was intended as a sequel, though Chucky’s look was certainly rebooted.

As creator and director of the last two sequels, Don Mancini has long promised that a Chucky7 would be on its way to theaters and it seems he’s now happily delivering on that promise. It’s been close to a year since Mancini has breathed a word about Chucky, so a recent tweet he made to Jennifer Tilly stirred a commotion among Don’s followers. Jennifer’s fanbase was equally excited about the brief series of tweets.

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Ms. Tilly joined the Child’s Play franchise in 1998 with Bride of Chucky. Introduced as Tiffany, the lover of Charles Lee Ray, Tilly tried to pull Ray’s spirit out of the doll, but things went horribly awry. Since then, Tiffany has had her spirit stuck in a doll of her own, until this last sequel, Curse of Chucky, when events seemed to come full circle. Even with a seemingly perfect ending, Mr. Mancini still had eyes out for yet another sequel.

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Forget the Oscars! Jennifer Tilly has her eye on a World Series Of Poker bracelet

When she’s not stirring up scares in the Child’s Play franchise, Jennifer is bluffing her way through the World Series of Poker. She says awards like the lifetime achievement award are meaningless to her, because it doesn’t require any skill or level of achievement to earn one. Tilly says she would want an award that is worth something.

“If it was a main event bracelet, I would go for the main event bracelet. If it was for a regular bracelet, I think they give out a lot more bracelets than they do Oscars, so I think probably an Oscar,” Jennifer said, comparing the two types of awards.

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Ms. Tilly is no stranger to professional poker playing. The Child’s Play actress beat 600 players in 2005 to win a W.S.O.P. bracelet at a Ladies’ No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em event. Jennifer won the top prize at another tournament only a few months later, proving acting isn’t her only skill.

Tilly says the game has really changed since she started out. She says poker was more fun before the advent of online gaming, because it was easier to win. Now, as players begin to study other players online and educate themselves, the games have become that much more challenging. Jennifer says it’s still a fun game, though.

As for improving her game, the Bride of Chucky actress says that’s the real trick. Just like Fight Club, the first rule of poker is you don’t talk about poker.

“I’m sort of reduced to talking to people who stopped me in the hall and to tell me their stories, so then I’m like, ‘Let’s listen to yours, now you have to listen to mine,’ but all the really smart players that I know, they don’t really talk about poker.”

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