February 23, 2016
Jenelle Evans' Medical Mystery May Force Her Off 'Teen Mom 2'

Jenelle Evans has been under a lot of stress over the last several weeks. Between drama with ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith to drama with Barbara over Jace, there isn't much time to sit and decompress for Evans. On top of all the legal stress, there have been some health concerns as well. Teen Mom 2 will be returning to MTV in March, and filming began last fall. Evans' health drama will not be documented on the show, but the rest of the issues will. The mystery illness has been an ongoing battle for the last six weeks or so, and there have been no answers. Evans is at a standstill, and that is causing concern among people who are close to the reality star.

As of now, Jenelle Evans is still working on seeing specialists and getting tests run. Her symptoms include joint pain, hot flashes, and not being able to use her legs for periods of time. While all of it seems to be incredibly serious, Evans is still managing to be able to do day-to-day things. According to Starcasm, Jenelle Evans is currently in California seeing another specialist. Accompanying her is her boyfriend, David Eason. Evans has no answers about what is causing the mystery illness or what it could be. Several fans have been offering up advice, including Lyme disease and brain tumors. Evans has responded to them, and the critics who have called her out for faking this for attention.

Teen Mom 2 wrapped filming a while back. Jenelle Evans and the other girls will be appearing on MTV beginning March 21 for the seventh season. Since the filming has wrapped, there hasn't been much of an impact on Evans with the illness. It appears that the reunion portion will be filmed shortly, but there has been no date for that publicly released. Evans was concerned about not doing the show because of her illness, but that would depend on whether or not Teen Mom 2 was renewed by MTV.

The trailer for Teen Mom 2 was just released, and Jenelle Evans is less than thrilled with it. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jenelle Evans did not like the way it made her look. It focused on the three biggest problems in her life, and she was forced to confront that. Evans was seen saying there were three things she wouldn't discuss with Barbara: Nathan Griffith, the custody of Jace, and her pending charge. The charge Evans was referring to is the battery charge against Griffith's current girlfriend stemming back from last year. She has since moved on with David Eason, but talking about Griffith is something Evans still doesn't want to do.

These tests for Jenelle Evans are going to get quite costly. Right now, they are trying to rule out all possibilities, and it looks like several theories have been ruled out. Evans has seen doctors in her hometown, been to New York City, and finally is in California now. Critics have been talking about her, especially since she posts photos of her outings while out of town, and isn't looking very sickly. Evans is used to being criticized harshly, but she is definitely fighting back this time. The symptoms she is experiencing are scary, and ruling out everything is necessary. Evans is responsible for at least one young child, and she needs to get well to be able to take care of him. Teen Mom 2 fans have been sending well wishes and thoughts for Jenelle Evans since she announced the seriousness of events that were happening to her while trying to find out what is plaguing her.

[Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for GBK Productions]