Blac Chyna’s Mom Threatens Kim Kardashian In ‘Terrifying’ Instagram Rant

The 35-year-old reality superstar and new mom Kim Kardashian might be in some trouble. According to Hollywood Life, Blac Chyna’s mother, Ms. Tokyo Toni (whose real name is Shalana Hunter) has made it clear that she is angry as ever and not afraid to bend some rules! In a “strange” and “frightening” Instagram post on February 23, Shalana talked some wild smack about the Kardashian family’s appearance, and took it a step further when she threatened Kim with violence!

The post begins with a lengthy rant about excessive plastic surgery, which Blac’s mom claims Kim has had done on herself. Kardashian may have had some work done, but since she’s not telling, fans can’t be sure. Some don’t see why only Kardashian is under fire for plastic.

The picture attached to Tokyo Toni’s post was of a doll, a strange and “disturbing” looking doll, with deliberately funky, “messed-up” eyes, and “too much makeup.” The weird eyes and excessive makeup were apparently supposed to represent Kim. Chyna’s mom then went on to suggest that this pretend facial rearrangement wasn’t the only one she wanted to perform on Kardashian. Look out, Kim, someone’s angry!

Blac’s mother went harsh right off the bat, referring to Kardashian as “fake,” and not shying away from harsher words, either. The mother of Kim’s infamous rival, Blac Chyna, referred to Kim “setting it all up.” Tokyo also explicitly stated that Kim should “have security” in case the two ever run into each other. The cussing-out seems to have come after a specific event, as Tokyo accuses Kim of “setting it all up.” Sounds like someone is having trouble dealing with something!

“FAKE AASS B**CH!! SHE SET IT ALL UP!! IF I EVER SEE HER SHE BETTER HAVE SECURITY!!! @kimkardashian * you weak ass b**ch!! I am not a Hollywood hoe!! No handshakes or forgiveness hoe!! EVER IN THIS LIFE – YOU picked this sh*t…”

The meaning of the ranting post isn’t entirely clear, except that it was about Kim and expressing Ms. Toni’s anger. It also goes to show that sometimes passion can really cloud the mind. Tokyo is Blac Chyna’s mom, and if she’d been thinking clearly, she might have remembered that Kardashian has two adorable babies of her on at home. Maybe that would have settled her mind a little.

According to the blog, Diary of a Hollywood Street King, Blac Chyna’s mom was so upset during her anti-Kardashian rant that she even “spilled a little bit of tea” in her nearly “incoherent rant.”

However, Blac’s mom is not just targeting Kim. Shalana has made several other Instagram posts that mention the rest of the clan. This is probably just the passionate and angry ranting of someone on the internet, and cooler heads usually prevail in face-to-face engagements, but the Kardashians won’t be happy about these sorts of outbursts!

Shalana’s rants attacked all three of the Kardashian sisters, putting Kim, Khloe and Kourtney in her firing line. She mocked the idea that none of the Kardashian sons and daughters would pass on the Kardashian family name. Blac’s mom also pointed out that the only Kardashian baby that would actually have the Kardashian name would be her own granddaughter, Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s baby.

Shalana wasn’t pulling any punches, and even had a go at Khloe for her trouble getting pregnant. The whole situation culminated with a sig at Kylie Jenner, whose baby with Tyga would be a Stevenson. Anger can really get the best of all of us sometimes. Here’s hoping that this is just a case of Blac Chyna’s mom letting her motherly protectiveness get the best of her.

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