February 24, 2016
WWE News: Big Backstage Update On Shane McMahon Returning To WWE Full-Time

Former WWE Superstar and Executive Shane McMahon made his shocking return to WWE last night on WWE RAW. Fans all over the world went nuts when he came out. Few knew this was coming, making it a complete shocker. This was certainly a return fans thought they would never see. Plus Shane McMahon wrestling? Is this the Attitude Era? Everyone thought from reports that a return was coming, but not Shane.

The return was awesome, but with it brought a ton of questions. Is Shane back full time? Is he getting back "in" with the company? If he wins at WrestleMania, will he actually book WWE RAW weekly?

We do have some of the answers to that. According to the Wrestling Observer, the deal to bring Shane McMahon back was completed a few weeks ago. Only a few knew about it, which were said to be upper management types. Most likely, it was Vince and a few close to him. About a week ago, we heard that The Undertaker'sWrestleMania opponent was someone not on WWE's roster at the time. This led many to speculate about names like Goldberg, Batista, even Kurt Angle. Of course, no one thought of Shane, so the news report clearly was good.

Apparently, a similar storyline was supposed to happen a few years back as Triple H would face a Vince Guy (such as Stone Cold or Rock), and the winner would get full control. Vince nixed it at the time, because he didn't want to be on television. Now the story is happening with Shane, which many see as interesting.

Shane, Vince, Stephanie
[Image via WWE]A lot has been made about Shane's position with the company now and before he left. Shane was always loved by fans, mainly out of respect. However, there have been some reports that say Shane was always a better businessman than he was a booker.

Regarding his booking, a source noted, "There was a reason why Triple H wasn't out there[during the promo]."

It was then said that "when it came to ideas when it came to wrestling...when it came to wrestling angles, it was like Stephanie & Paul are so far ahead of him that it's not even funny."

This was the big part, as Triple H has proven with WWE NXT that when given full control, he can deliver some amazing material. However, the ideas on the main roster have not really gone his way a lot of the time. Of course, that is also due to Vince McMahon still having full control. When it comes to any NXT material, such as even releasing someone to go to the main roster, Triple H has final say. For example, that is why Finn Balor has not come up. Vince wants him, but Triple H doesn't want him up yet.

There was said to be a real-life power struggle years ago, and now it seems to be coming back. Shane McMahon really thought he was going to be the one to take over WWE, but when it was made clear to him that Stephanie would be the McMahon to take over, that is what made Shane quit the company all those years ago. Apparently, she was said to have had "more product knowledge" than Shane, which ultimately led to her getting the "next in line" role. There is said to be a lot going on regarding Shane coming back to WWE due to the past.

Shane, Vince, Steph
[Image via WWE]It was said years ago that "almost everyone liked Shane over Stephanie" when it came to who was going to be next for the role. However, it did go to Stephanie and Triple H.

Some fans believe the angle on television is just art imitating life. The McMahon family has had no problem doing this for years with others, so it is no shock to anyone that they used their drama in a program. This could mean that a lot of what Shane and dad Vince McMahon said on WWE RAW was true, with some story mixed in to make a match happen.

Right now, Shane McMahon does not have a management position in WWE. That could always change, but for now, he is simply an on-air character. However, Shane being back means a great deal. He very well could find his way back in the company as an executive again. Some people believe he is back in more than one way.

Shane lives in New York, so he will have no problem potentially being a television character while running his company in China, which he now has more of a behind-the-scenes role in. There is even some talk of doing another brand extension since Shane would technically only be running WWE RAW and not WWE SmackDown. That means Stephanie could be relegated to SmackDown as a weekly character, which would allow for WWE to have a strong GM for both shows and make them both important again.

Shane Vince
[Image via WWE]The idea for the brands worked before, but WWE dropped the ball on them, which ultimately led to poor attendance at SmackDown shows and lower television ratings. That means they will possibly end up allowing Stephanie to have full creative control SmackDown along with Triple H, giving them ultimate say and allow them to show what they have in running a product while Shane would do the same thing he always has done and still have to go through his father.

This would truly be best for business, as it would give Stephanie and Triple H a chance without allowing them to run the flagship.

What does this mean for Shane McMahon in his match with The Undertaker? There has been a lot made of it. Shane is now a television regular, and the rumor is that he will be just that going forward. That means that he very well could win his match with The Undertaker. With all of the odds stacked against him such as fighting Undertaker in his match as his event, it seems too easy to pick Taker. That is, of course, the goal storyline wise.

The story is pretty simple, though. If Shane wins, he controls RAW. However, if Vince wins, he gets the "lockbox." The thought is that we will most likely find out whatever is in there anyway. It is too juicy of a story to not give us something on. WWE has a big story here, and there may be a lot to Shane McMahon and his return that we won't know a lot about.

[Image via WWE.com]