‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Andre Faces Trouble, Ava Initiates A New Plan, And Summer’s Connection To Daniel Is Revealed

There is a wild episode on the way according to the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers. Ava goaded Kayla into a fierce battle, and while she’s supposedly on her way out of town now, this fight isn’t over yet. Viewers will see more regarding Chase and Andre in the February 23 show, and teasers indicate that there is an arrest coming in this show, as well.

As fans saw on Monday’s episode, Ava found Kayla in the park and pushed her into a physical confrontation. Kayla brought Roman and JJ into the mix, and Vitali said she would leave town. However, Days of Our Lives spoilers via We Love Soaps tease that Ava has a new plan she initiates in this next show.


Vitali is determined to destroy Kayla no matter what it takes and Days of Our Lives spoiler previews show that Ava will end up in the hospital as this all plays out. Most are guessing that she does something to herself once again in the name of setting Kayla up for a fall, and the buzz is that Kayla and Steve will grow quite concerned about how this is all playing out.

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Vitali will be accusing Kayla of attempted murder, and she has certainly set the groundwork for this claim to be taken seriously. Even Roman will be in a difficult position, given what he knows about the altercation in the park. By the end of the week, someone else in Salem will be dead and at this point, all signs point toward that being Ava. Just who will be responsible for this death though?

Tuesday’s show also brings more regarding Chase and Andre. During Monday’s episode, Chase admitted to Andre that he raped Ciara. However, Andre twisted the situation around in a truly evil way to try to make Chase believe that he did nothing wrong. Andre has promised to protect Chase, and Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that he will help the teen get further out of sight.


Andre may still have plenty of scheming up his sleeve, but Days of Our Lives spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that he may be getting arrested in this next episode. Hope and Rafe have been laying the groundwork to frame him for Stefano’s murder, and it appears that things are falling into place. Will the charges really stick, though?

Brady pulled Summer out of the ocean, and she was startled to learn that he knows Daniel and Fynn. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that during Tuesday’s episode, she will reveal her connection to Daniel. Some have been speculating that she may have been married to him at one time, but there is also buzz swirling that she might be his sister. One way or another, fans will find out in this next show.


As the week continues, Belle will buy an extravagant gift for Claire, but the teen doesn’t react the way her mother anticipates. Brady wants Summer to head back to Salem with him while Ciara lets loose at a rave. However, Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Chase will be watching her and there may be more trouble to come on this front.

A supposed murder hits Salem on Friday’s episode, and Days of Our Lives spoilers also share that Hope will get a stunning phone call. Chad is left shaken by news from Rafe, and there will be some Deimos action late in the week as well. Is Ava the one who dies this week, and did Kayla, Joey or Steve kill her? Days of Our Lives fans cannot wait to see just what comes next as this all plays out in the coming episodes.


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