David Norton Of ‘Married At First Sight’ Speaks Out About Domestic Violence Rumors

David Norton and Ashley Doherty met on Married at First Sight and this couple has had a rough start. Now rumors are flying all over that David has been in trouble before for domestic violence. People shared that instead of just ignoring it all, David Norton is now speaking out and sharing what really happened. David wants the fans to hear it straight from him and that says a lot about him.

This all went down back in 2007. David Norton is now sharing exactly what happened with his ex-girlfriend. David Norton actually gave his own statement to People about what went down so that he could clear up all of the rumors going around. David shared that the show was “one of the most intense and rewarding things I have ever done in my entire life.” David Norton went on to explain that he has tried hard and has made mistakes, but has also tried hard to be a good husband and also a good person.


David Norton went on to say that his wife Ashley Doherty has even received threats from people since the show started, which of course is uncalled for. Next David Norton went on to talk about how people wanted to find dirt on him and were able to come up with something.

“It also seems some people are looking to find dirt on me. And let me tell you, I’m not perfect. I was arrested when I was 21, after I got into a loud fight with my brother when I caught him with my girlfriend. I smashed a phone in anger, and I wanted nothing more than to get them out of the house. While I was angry, I never hit anyone. I was cited for disorderly conduct, and I ended up attending one two-hour class. Neither my girlfriend nor my brother ever filed charges, and I was never convicted of any crime. I was young and stupid – it’s something that I deeply regret and it isn’t something that I’m proud of. But I learned and grew as a person, and as the years passed, I reconciled with both my brother, and my ex-girlfriend. Today I can tell you one constant in my life has been that I’m human, and I make mistakes, but I would never hurt anyone, and nothing even remotely close to this has happened since. As much as I wish I could change the past, I cannot. All I can continue to do is to improve the man I am now, who is a far cry from who I was in 2007.”

So basically, yes David Norton did get arrested. This was because his girlfriend was cheating on him with his own brother. David says that he never hit anyone though, and his version doesn’t sound like domestic abuse like some of the rumors that were flying. David Norton said that he still believes in love.

During the entire post, David keeps calling Ashley his wife. This doesn’t mean that the two are still together, but it does have some people speculating if David and Ashley were able to make it work after finding love on the show. Daily Mail shared that Ashley actually called David a liar on the show when he told her that he had drinks with another woman to focus on getting to know his wife better. This was someone that David and Ashley are mutual friends with and he insisted it was just to learn more about his wife, but Ashley wasn’t buying it.

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