Saint West's Dark Skin, Hoax Photo Gets 167,000 People Talking On Facebook -- Plus Instagram, Twitter Buzz

With Kim Kardashian recently releasing the below photo of Saint West, as reported by The Inquisitr, the buzz around Saint's looks have already begun on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The buzz on Twitter is truly odd and disturbing for some searches on the beautiful little baby boy. Merely searching for Saint's name on Twitter results in related searches for memes of Saint, and the fact that some people find the baby West to be dark -- darker than expected for a multi-racial baby.

For some odd reason, conspiracy searches with RIP show up on the social media platform, along with theories that Saint was never born. Besides those crazy notions, most people just want to see Saint's photo, therefore they are searching for terms like West picture.

However, the controversy over Saint being brown is being hotly debated on social media, with plenty of folks defending the beautiful baby Saint against those calling West ugly. Certain folks are tweeting about whether or not Saint is wearing make up -- perhaps thinking that Kim has transferred her cosmetic contouring skills to baby Saint.

On Facebook, merely typing in the name "Saint West" into Facebook's search engine reveals the following information people are seeking about Saint. With nearly 67,000 people talking about the baby West's name, other search terms like "Saint West hoax photo" are getting a decent share of buzz, with 13,172 people talking about hoax photos of Saint. The hashtag #SaintWest is listed as a popular search term with more than 85,000 people talking about that hashtag.

Saint West photos
[Image via Facebook]On Instagram, the #saintwest hashtag enjoys 46,667 posts and counting, with some of the top posts comparing Kanye as a little boy in photos to photos of Saint. Or photo, that is, since only one photo of Saint's face has been released to the public thus far via Kardashian's app.

Plenty enough people are defending Saint, like the Instagram account itsnoriwest, which posted a gorgeous photo of Kim, Kanye, Saint and North West -- also known as "Nori" -- and spoke about how unbelievable it is that people would say bad things about a baby like precious little Saint. The dark skin controversy is deeply rooted in the African-American community and worldwide, and as such, Saint's darker skin is reflective of other cultural issues.

"I just don't understand how people could speak so terrible about a precious little baby like Saint!. This family is beautiful. North and Saint are precious little angels!!!. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE their complexion & i don't know how anyone else can't love it. Every shade is beautiful!!!???????? take care everyone! | #SAINTWEST #NORTHWEST#NorthsLittleBrother #KIMKARDASHIAN#MRSWEST #KANYEWEST"
As for the "hoax photo" of Saint being searched for and discussed on Facebook, it could be related to previous photos of North feeding a baby boy a bottle, which appears to be a baby other than Saint.
Plenty of the dark-skinned comments about Saint could be related to the fact that Kim and Kanye's fans expected Saint to appear lighter -- not only because he's a multi-racial baby, but because many African-American babies appear with much lighter skin when they are born and tend to darken over time.

However, Saint was born December 5, 2015, making Saint a 2-month-old baby. Some of those commenting about Saint's so-called dark skin might assume they are looking at a photo of Saint as a newborn fresh out of the womb. Either way, most all can agree that Kanye and Kim have a beautiful little boy on their hands, despite any controversy over dark skin versus light skin and all points in between.

Saint's dark skin and the reaction to baby Saint will likely continue over time, as looks change. The above photo of Kim shows Kardashian from nearly 10 years ago, on Sunday, October 7, 2007, as Saint's future mom arrived at an awards ceremony in Hollywood.

[AP Photo/Matt Sayles]