Juliet Ademoye, Olufemi Ademoye: Nigerian Voodoo Murder Involving Tampa Pharmacist On 'Fatal Attraction'

Juliet Ademoye was a married African American who was found bludgeoned to death in her bed in Tampa, Florida in 2010. Tonight, her story, and that of her killer, Olufemi Ademoye, will be presented on the newest shocking episode of Fatal Attraction on TV One.

TV One is a leader in featuring black true-crime cases. The episode entitled, "Blood and Black Magic," will tell the story of a wife and mother who was mysteriously found dead in her bed from a supposed heart attack. However, the police investigation will reveal that her Nigerian husband may be guilty of foul play. In the report, Olufemi Ademoye was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 30 years in prison. Be prepared as law enforcement agents, family members, friends, and experts give inside details on this murder case.


TV One's Fatal Attraction will begin tonight's show with a reenactment of the actual crime that took place in June 2010. That's when police were dispatched to the residence located at 8615 Villa Largo Drive in Tampa. Neighbors say a black man ran out of the house in only his boxers, stating that his wife had died, inside their home, from a heart attack.


When first responders arrived, they found the body of 52-year-old Juliet Oluwatoyin Ademoye in her bed in a pool of blood. Authorities say at first glance, it was apparent that the woman had not died from a heart attack due to the amount of blood found in the master bedroom and bathroom.

Distraught and inconsolable, detectives tried hard to calm the hysterical man down, in order to gain some understanding about what happened. Once they were able to calm him down, Olufemi Ademoye told police the same story that he told neighbors; his wife, Juliet, had died from a heart attack. But, the bloody bat found at the scene told a different story.

An examination of the body revealed that rigor mortis had already set in, and an autopsy report concluded that Juliet Ademoye died from blunt force trauma. Testing on a baseball bat found at the scene tested positive for the victim's blood.


Court records show that Olufemi Ademoye was an educated businessman who worked as a pharmacist and was the owner of an African eatery. Working long hours, Ademoye hoped to live the American dream. But, investigators say problems in the 18-year marriage set in, leading Ademoye to kill his wife in a fury after he allegedly discovered some emails, which revealed that he was not the father of their son.

The child, then 16, had been raised by Olufemi but was said to be the biological child of Juliet's Nigerian lover--a man who also practiced voodoo. Sources say Olufemi Ademoye raised the boy as his own, not knowing that his wife was already pregnant with her lover's child when they met. Family and friends say that Olufemi concocted the story to hide the fact that he allegedly killed Juliet in cold blood.

The couple's son was on a trip to Europe on the day of the murder. At trial, defense attorneys argued that the woman had died in a tragic fall in the bathroom, but the prosecution was able to refute that fact due to the blood on the bat. Tampa Bay described it this way.

"Prosecutors said that was the night he stumbled upon emails suggesting his wife was planning to leave him. On the receiving end of those emails was another man, who lived in Nigeria, and in whom Juliet confided about her unhappy marriage. She sent the man a picture of her teenage son. [They also] said the wounds on Juliet's body suggested she had been stabbed repeatedly and beaten with her son's T-ball bat. The trauma was so severe, prosecutors said, that fat embolisms traveled to her lungs, causing her to suffocate."
A jury eventually found 56-year-old Olufemi Ademoye guilty of second-degree murder. People who knew the couple reportedly said that it was a terrible tragedy that happened to a nice family. And those who know the couple's son said that he was a wonderful human being who was respectful and happy, according to Meniru.

The Juliet Ademoye case is similar to the murder of Shari Bethel. In that case, her husband, police officer Deon Cartmell, also ran out of the house in a hysterical state, screaming that his wife had shot her self by accident. A jury also found him guilty of murder. Want more Fatal Attraction? Take a look at the tragic story of Christie Neely.

[Image via Florida State Prison]