'Mob Wives' Brittany Fogarty On Being Banned From Angela Raiola's Funeral--'This Isn't What Big Ang Would Have Wanted'

Mob Wives star Brittany Fogarty was understandably upset when she learned that she would not be able to attend Angela 'Big Ang' Raiola's memorial service due to her father's history with her family 30 years ago. Brittany received a call and it was suggested that she and her mother not attend Angela's wake and funeral service. Brittany told Us Weekly that she was shocked that she was excluded; Brittany only wanted the chance to tell Big Ang "goodbye."

Brittany told Us Weekly, " I can't help but think, this isn't what Big Ang would want. Big Ann was full of love and light, and she would want everyone she knows (and doesn't) to pay their respects."

Brittany revealed that she and her mother, Andrea Giovino, were on their way to pay their respect to Big Ang on Saturday when she received a call that stopped her dead in her tracks. Apparently, a representative of Big Ang's family called Brittany to suggest that she and her mother not attend the wake. The reason was because of her father's cooperation with law enforcement. Brittany felt that it was unfair to punish her for her father's actions; however, in the end, Brittany stayed away and respected the family's wishes.

Fogarty noted that she loved Big Ang for her kind spirit and non-judgemental acceptance of her in the Mob Wives circle. Fogarty explains that a few of the ladies had reservations about her, after learning that her father cooperated with the authorities, however, not Big Ang. Brittany said that Raiola never once judged her for her father's sin, and accepted her just as she was without trying to change or judge her.
"I was in my car heading over and pulled over and started hysterically crying. I was already upset because I was headed to her services, but pulled over and cried hysterically when I found out I couldn't go. I was really taken aback when I received the call, I was not expecting it at all. Ang never judged me for the actions of my father. The fact that he cooperated with police never influenced her opinion of me, and I loved her for that."
Brittany revealed that she is not shocked about the exclusion; however, it saddened her. Fogarty explained that in the world Big Ang lived in, loyalty is everything, and so is who you are associated with -- family or friends. Brittany understands why she was asked not to attend, but it still hurt her that she was robbed of her chance to tell her dear friend goodbye.Fogarty explained that she doesn't want the (dis) invite to be about her or her hurt feelings; she says it should be about Big Ang, and saying goodbye. Hollywood Life reported that Brittany stated she will mourn and say goodbye to Angela in her own way. Fogarty noted that Big Ang was such a free spirit and loved everything about life. She said that she will never forget her, and will cherish the short time she knew her.Brittany added that she and her mother, Andrea, will pay their respects to Raiola later in the week, privately. Fogarty realizes the funeral service is the time for Big Ang's family and close friends to tell her goodbye, and lean on each other, and she doesn't want to intrude.
"I don't think that's what Ang would have wanted, but that's how it is. I'm going to have to say bye to her on my own time, I'm going to visit the cemetery this week and go pay my respects and say goodbye to Ang in that way. This service is about her family saying goodbye."
The family's reasoning behind suggesting that Brittany not to attend the memorial services was her father's cooperation with law enforcement; however, the reason may have been less "mob-like" and the family (likely) wanted to avoid any drama from the cast of the Mob Wives. Fogarty has shown very little restraint in the past, which is the last thing the family should have to worry about during this difficult time.

Big Ang's doctor discovered a tumor on her throat in March of 2015 and underwent two surgeries to remove the growth. Her doctors were hopeful the cancerous growth would not return, and she'd live a long life. In December, Big Ang was diagnosed with stage IV lung and brain cancer, and given a 30% chance of survival. The 55-year-old reality TV star lost her battle with cancer on February 18.

True to fashion, Big Ang was decked out in fur and jewelry during the open casket viewing for her disco-themed wake and funeral service. Karen Gravano posted on Twitter that Big Ang looked beautiful, just like she remembered her. Big Ang was laid to rest on Monday, February 22.

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