‘The Biggest Loser’ Finale Teasers, Renewal News: What Can Viewers Expect As Season 17 Wraps?

The Season 17 finale of The Biggest Loser is set to air Monday night on NBC, and a new winner will be crowned. Many fans are buzzing about how this season seemed to fly by way too quickly, and they are anxious to see which of the finalists takes the win. What’s known so far about Monday’s finale and the future of the series?

As Biggest Loser fans know, it is now down to Colby Wright, Felicia Buffkin, Roberto Hernandez, and Stephen Kmet heading into Monday’s final episode. The contestants who were already eliminated will once again be battling for a $100,000 prize, and then three of the four will be in contention for the grand prize of $250,000.

Viewers watched Colby become the first contestant in this group to lose 100 pounds, but Roberto is a big threat as well, having lost 114 pounds heading into the finale. At the last weigh-in before this final episode, Stephen hit the 100-pound weight loss mark too, and Jacky has an impressive 89 pounds lost before heading home as well. Which contestant is seemingly the likely winner in Monday’s episode?

Polls at MJ’s Big Blog would seem to indicate that many Biggest Loser fans see Colby as the likely winner, but both Roberto and Stephen are seen as solid possibilities as well. It would seem that in terms of who the viewers want to see win, Colby wins this poll in a landslide. Is that how this finale will play out, or is there a shocker on the way?

Will The Biggest Loser be renewed for Season 18? As TVLine details, NBC has not announced either a renewal or cancellation for the series as of yet. By this time last year, viewers could breathe easily knowing that more was on the way. However, fans were left hanging a bit when it came to the go-ahead for Season 17. The show has aired on Mondays in this outing, and unfortunately, there have been some struggles with the ratings.

Though The Biggest Loser has been a solid performer for NBC for many years now, it does appear to be struggling in its current spot. As TV by the Numbers details, the weight-loss show is consistently beat in this timeslot by both Fox’s Lucifer and CBS’ Scorpion. That ratings smack paired with this condensed schedule of episodes for Season 17 makes some wonder if this will be the last outing for the series.

Throughout the run of The Biggest Loser, there have been tweaks and adjustments made in all areas. Not only does the theme change with each outing, but Bob Harper is now the show’s third host, and as fans know, the trainers leading the contestants shifts frequently. The show has aired on different nights over the years and during different times of the year as well. Will the network bring the show back again but make additional tweaks to possibly reinvigorate the series, or will Monday night’s winner become the last for the series?

Fans can tune into NBC on Monday night to see whether it will be Colby Wright, Stephen Kmet, Felicia Buffkin, or Roberto Hernandez taking home the title of winner for Season 17. Then everybody will have to stay tuned to see when NBC reveals its plans regarding a renewal or cancellation of The Biggest Loser. Which contestants do you think will win the $250,000 and $100,000 prizes in this finale?

[Photo by Timothy Norris/Getty Images]