Emma Watson Joins A Dictator’s Cult In New Movie [Trailer]

Emma Watson recently portrayed a character who voluntarily joined a dictator’s cult to be with a person she loves, according to Entertainment Weekly. In the new movie trailer for Watson’s upcoming film Colonia, the Harry Potter star’s character goes to extreme measures in order to reunite with her boyfriend Daniel (don’t mistake him with Daniel Radcliffe).

The movie Colonia tells a dark love story in the inescapable Colonia Dignidad circa the 1970s in Chile. At that time, Chile was going through a major civil war, and Emma Watson’s character has found herself involved in it.

The latest trailer for the movie features Emma Watson’s character Lena, who voluntarily became a member of dictator Augusto Pinochet’s cult and now has to perform daily tasks in order to see her boyfriend.

The trailer shows how Lena, who works in the garden and is portrayed by Emma Watson, endures a number of slaps to her face in the name of God. Lena and Daniel met at a street protest supporting Chile’s current president, and a chain of dark events leads them to be trapped in the fortress’ dark tunnels.

The movie, which was directed by Florian Gallenberger and also stars Richenda Carey, Michael Nyqvist, Vicky Krieps, and Jeanne Werner, debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2015.

Watch the trailer here.

Emma Watson still keeps herself busy not just with her various acting roles, but also speaking out on issues as U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador, advocating feminism, and visiting premieres of her movies around the country. This time, the actress has decided to become an Oxford University fellow, according to Vanity Fair.

Emma Watson, who recently premiered her drama Regression, is now part of a fellowship at Oxford University. And while her fans are wondering where the actress manages to find the time for all this, the news is even more exciting for fans of British actors, as Benedict Cumberbatch is now Emma’s co-fellow.

It was reported by the Guardian that Emma Watson was named a visiting fellow at Lady Margaret Hall by Oxford University, along with Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch and nine other highly respected British people from various fields.

Alan Rusbridger, Oxford University’s principal, later confirmed the news and shed light on what the part-time positions in the fellowship will require its fellows, including Emma Watson, to do besides improving the image of the college and fortifying its cultural life.

Mr. Rusbridger explained the college’s decision to appoint Emma Watson, Benedict Cumberbatch, and nine other fellows.

“They are people drawn from a variety of backgrounds, callings and professions and we want them to form a bridge between our own academic community and the worlds they inhabit and represent.”

What the fellowship requires the fellows to do is to just sometimes stop by the college, eat with their fellows, and meet with a number of people of the LMH community. Being a fellow of the fellowship also has its own advantages, and that’s the permission to come and stay in the college as a temporary place to think or work. Apparently, it means that Emma Watson will now have a new home or office where she could work on her various projects.

Analyzing the careers of Harry Potter’s cast after finishing shooting the last movie in the series, Radio Times noted that Emma Watson, who became famous as Hermione Granger, has been the most active member of Harry Potter’s cast in terms of public appearances, the number of times her name has been in the media, and the number of useful things she has done post-Harry Potter.

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