MTV’s ‘The Real World’ Says ‘Go Big Or Go Home’ For Season 31

Season 31 of MTV’s The Real World is expected to bring plenty of thrills to the long-running reality series. With seven new cast members set to join the hit show, fans are in for quite the ride as MTV debuts its Go Big or Go Home season.

In a new trailer released by MTV, fans were offered a glimpse at some of the new contestants. In addition to the new faces, each member of the show will have to complete some fairly hair-raising challenges. Not only are these feats difficult to complete, but they are extreme enough to get anyone’s blood pumping just watching.

This includes some type of hot air balloon challenge where the contestants are forced to jump from the balloon while being suspended by a rope. Considering the heights of the balloons, this is one challenge that is not going to be easy.

According to Enstarz, the theme of the new season corresponds to the idea of confronting fears. For the contestants on Season 31, this includes some fears that they don’t even know about. In fact, another one of the activities includes a mountain climbing expedition, which should push everyone to their physical limits.

Chris from 'The Real World: Go Big or Go Home.' [Image via MTV]
Chris from 'The Real World: Go Big or Go Home.' [Image via MTV]

At the same time, not all of the challenges are physical in nature. Aside from hot air balloons and mountain adventures, the cast members will also go out on the town to a strip club. Here, a dominatrix is shown whipping one of the ladies while promising to push them beyond their boundaries. Furthermore, the roommates will also witness the first interactions between an adopted child and new family, which should offer plenty of emotional moments of reflection.

Meanwhile, the challenges are just one of the elements of the show. Along with competing against each other, the seven cast members have to live in the same house and interact with each other on a daily basis. Naturally, the results of which are very dramatic, including the short clip of a huge fight between two ladies on the show. Based on the footage, the fight involves an issue between one male cast sleeping with multiple women on the show.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the names of the latest The Real World cast members have been released. The female cast includes Jenna from Easley, South Carolina; Sabrina from Topsfield, Massachusetts; Kailah from West Palm Beach, Florida; and CeeJai from Powder Springs, Georgia. The male members of the cast include Chris from New York City; Dean from Studio City, California; and Dione from Dennisport, Massachusetts.

Jenna, Sabrina, Kailah and CeeJai from season 31 of 'The Real World.' [Image via MTV]

The new location for the series is Las Vegas and will feature a major twist from past seasons. Unlike previous years, this year’s contestants might not be staying on the show for very long. In fact, the special challenges are meant to serve as a way to test the cast member’s courage. If one of the contestants cannot complete a given task, then they will face an early exit.

The main goal of the challenges is to push the housemates in new ways while testing their individual ability to deal with difficult situations. This includes dealing with past issues, such as fears and dreams, all of which will force them to face emotional issues. Based on the footage of the fights, some of the contestant will not deal with their personal problems as well as others.

Whether or not the cast members make it through the entire season is yet to be seen. Either way, fans are definitely in store for some classic Real World drama with an extra twist.

Fans can watch the drama unfold when The Real World: Go Big Or Go Home airs March 17 on MTV.

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[Image via MTV]