Beyoncé Credits Vegan Diet For Fab Figure As She Enjoys Jay Z Date & Destiny’s Child Reunion Amid Police Backlash

Beyoncé is turning heads again. First, Queen Bey wowed at Super Bowl 50, from her sleek bodysuit to her phenomenal “Formation.” And now, Beyoncé is earning awe again by looking fabulous during her recent appearance with Jay Z, reported ET.

Seated courtside near Kendrick Lamar at the Staples Center, Jay Z and Beyoncé cheered as the Los Angeles Clippers challenged the Golden State Warriors. And while the score at the end of the game matters, Queen Bey instantly scored with her fabulous appearance.

Beyoncé and Jay Z also were spotted with Kelly Rowland at The Troubadour in West Hollywood. An attempt at sporting hats to stay under the radar didn’t work.

In addition, a source told People that it’s clear Beyoncé and Jay Z really cherish their date nights.

“[They] were having a great time and looked really happy to be on a date night together. They had their arms around each other, held hands and were really cute together,” said the insider.

The two also share something else in common. Beyoncé and Jay Z are passionate about their plant-based vegan diets, reported E News.

But she prefers to use the phrase plant-based diet rather than vegan.

“The benefits of a plant-based diet need to be known,” Beyoncé declared. “We should spend more time loving ourselves, which means taking better care of ourselves with good nutrition and making healthier food choices.”

Beyonce stuns. Beyoncé stuns. [Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]Queen Bey and Jay Z teamed up with her life coach, Marco Borges, to create a company, 22 Days Nutrition. As to why they don’t use the term vegan?

“You picture someone who lives in Colorado that doesn’t wear deodorant. There’s a negative stereotype,” said Borges.

Marco credits his plant-based food plan for Beyoncé’s revolutionary body.

“With most diets you see weight loss and then as soon as the program ends the weight slowly starts to add back up again,” he said, noting that his plan keeps off the weight.

Beyoncé had another opportunity to flaunt her fabled physique when Kelly Rowland had a birthday party that turned into a reunion for her, Beyoncé, and Michelle Williams. The former Destiny’s Child band mates shared their delight in each other in a photo, reported Hollywood Life.

But it’s not all positive news for Beyoncé right now, and there’s a backlash from her Super Bowl performance in terms of some police unions urging officers to boycott her concerts, reported CBS News.

These law enforcement officials contend that when Beyoncé and her troupe sported outfits that paid tribute to the Black Panther Party, which is famed for confronting the police, the message was dangerous enough to warrant boycotting.

Beyonce performed during the Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show. Beyonce performed during the Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show. [Photo by Harry How/Getty Images]“We’re not going to put up with her anti-police message,” declared Javier Ortiz with the Miami Fraternal Order of Police.

Amid the examples cited by some of these officials, Beyoncé’s new music video has the words “stop shooting us” with an image of a young black boy raising his hands before police.

However, not all police unions and law enforcement officials agree with the call to boycott.

Beyoncé has a world tour coming up, which is already sold out in 16 cities. But some heads of police unions are urging officers to say no to working those concerts.

“We ask officers to refuse to support the efforts of artists who promote a false narrative of law enforcement attacks on black citizens,” said the president of Nashville’s Fraternal Order of Police.

Some pointed to the celebrity status and influence of Beyoncé, contending that because of her fame, she should take more responsibility.

“As a celebrity figure Beyonce should take greater responsibility in her divisive actions that further complicate relationships between communities of color and the members of law enforcement,” said New York’s Sergeants Benevolent Association, which did not urge a boycott.

But taking a different approach to the situation was Tampa’s Police Department, which tweeted both a correction and a humorous slant.

“This is factually incorrect. We do have ofc signed up to work the Beyonce concert & the event will be fully staffed,” tweeted the Tampa PD in response to a claim that Florida officers had declined to provide security at an upcoming Beyoncé concert.

And the department also showed a sense of humor.


[Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]