Liam Payne Met With Zayn Malik Last Week And Louis Tomlinson This Weekend: What Could it Mean For One Direction?

Liam Payne met with Zayn Malik on February 12. The handsome pair were seen by some fans last week, who reported the incident on Twitter and to Unreality TV. Fans recognized them by their faces and their distinctive tattoos, but no pictures were taken. Then, on Friday, Liam told a reporter at LAX he was on his way to visit Louis Tomlinson and his son, Freddie. The incident was reported on Sugarscape.

When Liam Payne met with Zayn Malik, Arie Winston and his girlfriend were together. The girlfriend is a major fan and spotted them right away. At first, Arie didn’t understand the importance of the incident, but it is believed that Payne and Malik have not spoken to each other in a year, since Zayn left One Direction. It is huge news ro4 fans who hope that someday One direction will get back together. If Arie and his girlfriend really saw Liam with Zayn and were not mistaken about the identity, could this lead to a One Direction reunion or perhaps under new management? Can we expect One Direction to reunite with a more mature rock or R&B sound?

Liam Payne meeting with Zayn Malik could be just the first step in getting the old band back together. Saturday, Liam told reporters at LAX he was on his way to see Freddie Tomlinson for the first time. Freddie is the month-old son of Louis Tomlinson, so of course, he will be meeting with Louis as well.

Zayn Malik left the band a year ago. Harry Styles is making a solo album, but Liam Payne has always insisted that One Direction was just on a one-year break and would get together again next year. Harry wanted to pursue a solo album, Louis needed to spend time with his new son, and the rest agreed they could use the time off to travel and enjoy their lives a bit. Reliable new sources reported that it is all over for One Direction. However, it seems the story may be changing. Billboard has changed the end of their biography of One Direction a few times since the break or split, but now it says the band is on break. Two weeks ago it reported the band had broken up.

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“Following the September announcement of the album, the band members also revealed that, after the promotional efforts for the album were over, they’d be going on hiatus during 2016.”

News that Liam Payne met with Zayn Malik is very significant. Since the break was announced, rumors of breakups, feuds, and conspiracies have abounded among media and fans. Most media sources became convinced that the band was breaking up, but now there is an upsurge of hope that in one year, One Direction will return rested and refreshed after pursuing their dreams and having a bit of fun. It had not been expected that Zayn would return to the band, but it is encouraging to hear that he may have met with Liam.

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Liam Payne also met with Louis Tomlinson this weekend so that Liam could see Freddie, but of course, Tomlinson and Payne will talk about music as well. Hopefully, this will lead to more interaction between One Direction Members. Liam wants One Direction to stay together, perhaps more than the other members. While other band members were sending mixed signals on their commitment to the group, Liam always insisted it was just a long break, and that they would all come together again in a year.

Liam Payne meeting with Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlin could spell an interesting future for One Direction.

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