‘RHOA’ Turnaround: Kenya Moore Says Sorry For Her Actions [Spoilers]

Kenya Moore is being praised by some viewers of Sunday night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. That’s because Kenya actually took the time to apologize for certain actions that Moore levied against her other RHOA cast mates. Kenya admitted that when she pulled out Kim Fields’ chair during a heated discussion with Moore, Fields and Cynthia Bailey, it was really Kenya that was in the wrong for doing so.

Bailey reminded Kenya that when the women begin invading each others’ space is when the fights can break out on the reality TV show that has been criticized for violence.

The RHOA crew was ending their trip to Jamaica, and Kenya — along with her 28-year-old boyfriend and personal trainer, Matt — were late to the last set of festivities set up by Peter Bailey. Earlier in the episode, Peter admitted he loved Kenya’s “crazy” self, and Matt admitted he did as well. When the guys downed plenty of shots and asked the younger man how he would handle the age difference, Matt quipped that Kenya was only 32 years of age. It was a pretty good comeback for a guy who seems secure that his girlfriend is in her mid 40s.

In sneak peeks of future episodes, Moore will relate the fact that Matt wants a wife. Kenya seems unsure if she’s ready to make that step of commitment after so many years of Kenya being single.

However, it was Kenya’s big apology to Cynthia that left Moore in tears at the dinner table. Kenya said she was sorry to Cynthia — and Bailey didn’t even feel the need to pull out her long list of infractions that Cynthia felt Kenya had done to get on her bad side.

First, there was the fact that Kenya didn’t show up to the meeting that Cynthia held with Kim whereby the ideas for Bailey’s sunglasses commercial — or “mercial,” as they say in RHOA land — would be pitched. Instead, Kenya was busy with Matt working on her new house. Then, when Kenya and Matt did show up for the shooting of the commercial on the shores of Jamaica, the duo took off and began cycling off in a paddle boat, almost paddling to Cuba or Mexico, as Bailey joked.

Cynthia turned to NeNe Leakes for help on how to handle Kenya. NeNe helped advise Cynthia, but also let her know that she didn’t want to be placed in the middle of the battling friends — nor blamed as the source of their problems. Moore, for her part, was hurt that Cynthia didn’t consider Kenya her best friend, especially after Leakes showed up.

Moore and Fields agreed to disagree about their differences. Kim was able to speak up and tell Kenya her issues that she held against Kenya, only after getting a funny lesson on how to “read” Kenya by Porsha Williams and Phaedra Parks. Parks twirled in plenty of circles as Kenya is wont to do — but Fields didn’t want to stoop to the level of some of the other ladies’ antics.

Fields passed on the rumors to her husband that whisper about his sexuality, but Kim seems to try and avoid the issue when possible and hide behind Bible verses. Fields claimed that she never heard the rumors about her husband being gay that were brought up initially during a session with the ladies when Kim wasn’t around.

Another sneak peek shows that Parks will finally take her sons to prison to visit their dad, Apollo Nida.

As reported by E!, the fact that Moore took some blame on herself was a shock to everyone.

[Image via Dan Harr / AP Images for AIDS Healthcare Foundation]