Joe Rogan IDs The ‘Worst Fight’ He’s Ever Seen

Joe Rogan, the comedian and outspoken UFC commentator, has seen a lot of mixed martial arts (MMA) fights in his illustrious career.

As a result, he has been present watching a lot of thrillers, one of the most recent being the Holly Holm beatdown of Ronda Rousey last November.

Unfortunately, his position also puts him in contact with some real stinkers, and this past weekend, he watched the worst he’s ever seen.

Kimbo Slice versus Dhafir Harris, aka “Dada 5000.”

Joe Rogan took to Twitter to let his voice be heard as he suffered through the Bellator 149 fight card.

This isn’t the first time that Joe Rogan has let his thoughts be bluntly known, and he was not altogether wrong about the scheduled three-round fight that almost went the distance.

Slice and Harris threw very few meaningful punches — okay, no meaningful punches — and pretty much lounged around on each other before a done-for Dada 5000 got clipped and stopped in Round 3.

Slice went down as the TKO winner, but referee John McCarthy was pretty much in agreement about how awful the contest was.

In an article from MMA Fighting earlier today, he recalled saying to himself in horror, “Oh my God, this thing’s going all three rounds.”

“I always tell them, ‘I’m going to stand you up unless you do something,'” McCarthy explained. “I’m telling Kimbo, ‘Kimbo, do something.’ And he’s just tired. He’s not trying to punch, he’s not trying to go for a submission, he’s just trying to catch breath and let time go by.”

As for the finish, McCarthy added that there was “never anything that landed that was hard. They didn’t hit each other with any hard shots…. Look, there are people that paid money to see this fight. This is not just about you laying on somebody because you’re both tired. That’s your fault for coming into the fight in that condition.”

As for Joe Rogan, he recently took his own employer to task for its idea to put former WWE wrestler CM Punk in the Octagon with no previous MMA experience.

The Inquisitr brought you those comments in a recent article, coming to this conclusion.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen with [CM Punk]. I don’t understand this whole thing. It’s ridiculous for him to fight in the UFC, I think he should fight in a small organization. Take a fight in a small organization, build yourself up, which is what should have happened with Brock Lesnar.”

Joe Rogan will be up for renewal on his contract with UFC soon, and with comments like this one in particular as well as this one, about women who dislike children, he may not be a guy that the premier fighting organization wishes to keep around.

Then again, Rogan himself hasn’t voiced too much enthusiasm about staying on board.

In previous comments, he said that he liked to take chances, and “I like walking away from things.”

He continued.

“I’m not a big fan of doing the same s**t over and over again. I love it [UFC], it’s not that I don’t love it. I just like doing a lot of other s**t, too.”

Whether Joe Rogan stays on with UFC this year or not, it’s unlikely that he will lose interest in the fight game. But with many more fights like the one he and millions of others suffered through this weekend, he won’t be missing much.

But what do you think, readers?

Is Joe Rogan right in saying that Kimbo-Dada was the worst fight ever? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image via Joe Rogan Facebook]