Charlize Theron Called A ‘Monster Mom’ By ‘OK!’ For Her 3-Year-Old Son’s Tantrum

Charlize Theron won an Oscar for her role in the 2003 film called Monster. That’s obviously why Theron was called a “Monster Mom” by OK! Magazine, in the below photo of Charlize, which shows her dealing with her three-year-old son, Jackson, in a parking lot. Theron adopted Jackson in 2012, and the photos appear to show Jackson having a tantrum — with Charlize trying to corral her son into the vehicle. It’s a situation that many a parent of a toddler or young child can sympathize with — the need to tightly hang on to a young child who is threatening to dart across a parking lot in a surge of emotion.

OK! Magazine, however, came under fire from celebrities like Rickie Lee Jones. Jones called Charlize’s moment with her son a private one that shouldn’t have been dissected in such a public manner. The publication accused Charlize of dragging her son, but the photos seem to show Theron simply trying to get her son under control. Jackson, meanwhile, appears to be performing the action that many a tantrum-throwing toddler or young child has done when they fall down and try to slip out of their parent’s grip.

It was a much more pleasant situation when Charlize and her son were photographed walking down the street on a different occasion, as reported by the Daily Mail. In those photos, Jackson is seen holding his mother’s hand as he sported a “Big Brother Jackson” shirt, announcing his status as a new big brother.

Charlize was said to be taking the new addition to the family in stride, but now with photos of Charlize dealing with her son’s outburst like many moms would, Theron’s come under fire from some critics. The OK! Magazine article turns to experts that offer so-called better ways that Charlize could’ve handled her son’s tantrum — such as talking to him — but that’s something Theron likely did after making sure he was out of harm’s way and safely strapped in the SUV.

Theron recently returned to Los Angeles International Airport from Europe with August, Theron’s baby daughter. Whether Jackson was dealing with emotions of the additional baby to the family, or simply was throwing a tantrum over dance class, many people agree that it’s going too far to call Theron a “Monster Mom” due to the incident.

Once engaged to Sean Penn, Charlize broke off their engagement in May 2015. Still Theron spoke of always wanting children.

“I always knew I would adopt. Always. I don’t think my mom could wait any more!”

Theron even wrote a letter as a young child herself, asking to adopt a child.

‘It said, “Would you please take me to an orphanage, so that I can go and adopt a baby?”.

On Facebook, folks are having varied reactions to the photo of Theron and her son.

“Her kid probably needed some good old fashioned parenting. Parent’s now a day aren’t allowed to scold their kids. That is why the kids seem to control the parents.”

“The gossip rags are calling Charlize Theron a “Monster Mom” because she was caught dragging her son into the car. Psh. Please. What mom HASN’T done this?! Kids throw tantrums. This totally happens. I just love how the glamorous Charlize looks like every mom in the history of the world in this photo.”

“Perhaps her child was being a brat. Doesn’t matter if a mom is a movie star or a regular every day mom. Kids can be brats. It doesn’t look like any dragging is going on. Get a grip! people!”

“I see nothing wrong… no one was taking pictures when I was a kid for being hit for throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of a grocery store. Good job Charlize your child not your fans. People should learn to control the own kids before judging others.”

[Image via AP Photo/Vincent Yu]