Blac Chyna ‘Pregnant Amid Rob Kardashian Engagement Rumors,’ Couple Rushing For Marriage?

Rob Kardashian clearly isn’t wasting any time when it comes to his relationship with Blac Chyna, as reports allege that the socialite may already be expecting Rob’s baby.

Despite having only been dating for four weeks, Rob has already packed all of his belongings from Khloe’s house and moved them into his girlfriend’s mansion in Tarzana. He has made the impression that he is much happier being with Chyna than with his own siblings, for she has been the only one that has managed to help Rob get his life back on track.

Following endless hiking adventures in Calabasas, daily workouts with their personal trainer, and the sweet gesture by Blac Chyna to join Rob in only eating healthy food and snacks, Rob has made it known that there’s no one he’d rather be with than the former stripper.

Celeb Dirty Laundry claims that the sudden rush to move in with Chyna is questionable for many reasons. One of them being that Rob may not have known the Instagram model well enough to suddenly leave Khloe’s home and decide to live with her so soon.

Last week, it was heavily speculated on whether Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian were engaged, after endless photographs showed the mother-of-one sporting a massive diamond ring on her finger. Chyna would later continue the rumours by adding diamond ring emojis to her Instagram photos when referring to her “bae,” though neither of the two has confirmed or denied the claims.

Should the rumours be true that that Chyna is pregnant again, her best pal, Amber Rose, will certainly be ecstatic by the news, having predicted it back in January when the couple officially became an item.

“Amber thinks it would be funny and fitting if Rob got Blac Chyna pregnant. Amber thinks all the drama that it would bring the Kardashian family would be worth it. She’s been telling Blac to get the job done.”

As the source already affirms, whether or not the pregnancy would’ve been conceived out of love is debatable, considering that Chyna has experienced a long-lasting feud between herself and Kylie Jenner in recent months.

The 18-year-old reportedly taunted the socialite after her former boyfriend, Tyga, ended up leaving her for the reality star, who was only 17 at the time. Blac and Kylie had numerous Instagram spats, but fortunately, nothing ever resulted in a physical altercation. However, now that reports are claiming Blac Chyna may be pregnant, it could be her sweetest form of revenge yet.

If fans were to believe the pregnancy and engagement stories, one still cannot fault the fact that Rob Kardashian has been making improvements ever since he left Khloe’s home three weeks ago. Sources say that the ageing TV personality has finally managed to get it together, working out every morning while making sure that he keeps to a certain amount of calories every day.

And it’s all thanks to Chyna.

Rob has wasted three years of his life in hiding — he missed Kim’s wedding out of embarrassment over his weight gain and he canceled family trips in fear of photographers lurking in the bushes. Now that he is exercising, eating right and found someone to call his girlfriend, considering the idea of having children and starting a family may not be a bad one after all. Who he impregnates, however, is the real question.

Could Blac Chyna already be pregnant with Rob’s child?

[Photo by Isaac Brekken and Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]