Former NBA Guard Delonte West Found Loitering Outside Of A Houston Jack In The Box With Hospital Robe And No Shoes

Unfortunately, there have been countless cases where we acknowledge how more could’ve been done. Someone could have stepped up. No mistake, no regret, no loss of purpose should result in the loss of a life.

And for a once NBA superstar named Delonte West, things are panning out to encourage that result.

It’s not common for the public to be able to come across the details of an athlete or individual who falls from sanity, usually because of personal or diagnosed mental issues. We usually only get wind of their issues and the details of their fall after that person has taken matters into their own hands.

Delonte West is presenting us with that unique scenario.

Diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2008, West has since continued his well-documented fall from being a superstar college athlete at Saint Joseph’s University and sidekick of NBA superstar LeBron James; West is now hanging on to sanity by a thread according to reports from individuals who have been in recent contact with the former NBA player.

TMZ reported just last week that West was found loitering around a Jack in The Box parking lot in Houston wearing what looked like a hospital robe and no shoes.

The reports claim that an individual who stumbled upon a “lost” looking West asked the former NBA guard, “Are you Delonte West?” with which West answered, “I used to be, but I’m not about that life anymore.”

The individual then posted an Instagram photo of himself and West, claiming the former NBA player was “doped out” when he bumped into him.

The Instagram post is the latest the public has seen of West since claims of him sleeping with LeBron’s mother were made back in 2010. It was that same year that we saw Lebron jumped ship and leave his hometown of Cleveland for South Beach.

Since that time, West has denied the claims regarding James’ mother, but has gone on to take jabs at James regarding the matter this past January though Fox Sports has reported that those remarks where made by an Instagram user pretending to be West and the account has since been deleted.

“Several outlets reported that West took a bunch of shots at LeBron James, his old teammate on the Cleveland Cavaliers, on social media in late December and early January. The posts are all deleted along with his Instagram account, however, and according to one report, they were posted by a fake account; the report says this private account likely is West’s real Twitter. “

West endured an eight-year NBA career that included a stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers where he served as a prominent scorer and contributor for the LeBron led Cavs, vying for a shot at an NBA title for the years he was on the team.

Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James talks to teammate Delonte West (13) during an NBA playoff basketball game against the Washington Wizards Monday, April 21, 2008, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)
Former teammate’s LeBron James and Delonte West (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

As noted earlier Delonte was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2008 and has publicly shot down the diagnoses, rather pinning his troubles on a combination of temporary depression and the stresses of being an NBA player; but many of his troubles and symptoms say otherwise.

Those affected by the disorder tend to fall victim to not only unusual shifts in mood and energy, but often result in damaged relationships, poor job performance and even suicide.

His ongoing battle with those closest to him (like teammates) and his inability to keep his head right off the court (poor job performance) have all played into his ousting from the NBA in 2012 and current state.

Despite all his troubles, and the cloudiness around his situation it’s time to stop asking “what happened to Delonte West?” and start asking “how can we help Delonte West?”.

[AP Photo/Matt York]

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