‘Stylish Cut’ Facebook Video Gets 3.5 Million Views: Crazy Haircut On BarberShapp Facebook Page Goes Viral [Video]

The video is titled “Stylish Cut” on Facebook, but folks are calling the haircut anything but stylish in the video shared on the Facebook account called BarberShapp, as seen below. If anything, the buzzworthy viral video is bringing BarberShapp plenty of attention. Shared on Facebook and Twitter on February 20, the “Stylish Cut” video has grown to an amazing 3,530,195 views on Facebook.

The Facebook app page of BarberShapp asked their readers if the haircut was a new trend; however, as one watches the video and sees the odd haircut that emerges, the backlash begins.

“Quirky, Stylish and Smooth? Is this a new trend in the making? #StylistLove #ScissorsCut #HairCut

Some of the top comments on Facebook discussing the unique haircut show that folks definitively feel that the “stylish haircut” really isn’t all that stylish, and that there’s no danger of the haircut becoming a trend.

“I think I can safely speak on behalf of the nation by saying that this is most definitely NOT going to be a trend. I have no other words.”

The Stylish Cut video is the most popular video on the Facebook page of the BarberShapp app, with 3,637 likes and 3,599,896 views and counting. On Facebook, BarberShapp describes itself as an app that helps connect barbers to their patrons by using their app.

“Evolving the way we get haircuts by seamlessly connecting Barbers to busy customers using an on-demand phone app | Register for Beta Version on our website. BarberShapp provides and facilitates a seamless connection between Barbers and their customers. We save customer’s time and help Barbers maximise their schedule and business profits.”

On the BarberShapp website, the app describes itself as an easy means of using a smartphone to complete tasks that were once unheard of when considering visiting a barber. Those tasks include checking the wait time of a barber and being able to make an appointment by saving one’s place in line, sort of like call-ahead seating for eateries.

“Search for barbershops near you, check wait-times and book your place in line from the palm of your hand.”

On Instagram, the BarberShapp app might not feature the viral video of the “stylish haircut” yet, but it does feature plenty of other intricate haircuts and designs in a variety of photos.

Meanwhile, folks on Facebook aren’t feeling the love with the so-called stylish haircut video, and they are making their opinions heard online even as they continue to share the video with Facebook friends.

“Hello!! Welcome to Salon De’ F***up:))) Todays special is Le’ Brittany melt down. Not quite as intense, but it really screams “I’m gonna crack and probably cut a motherf***** today”. Cut is 150, the meth is on the house.”

“Even I can do this and I’m not even a hairdresser… That’s not talent that’s lets just cut and see how it turns out..!! Ugly.”

“Omg if this is stylish I don’t wanna be stylish. People can create crap and call it stylish. Well err NO!”

“Wtf that hair is not quirky stylish or smooth it’s ugly AF.”

The truly stylish cuts making the news on Twitter include Jennifer Hudson’s short pixie cut, as reported by InStyle. The publication gives instructions to readers on how to recreate Hudson’s short cut that accentuates her beautiful face.

Another stylish cut that made lots of buzz online and off recently was when Taylor Swift debuted a shorter bob haircut at the Grammys. Fans of Swift noted that the bob hairstyle, with its severe blunt bangs, seemed to be a recreation of the famous haircut always sported by Anna Wintour of Vogue fame.

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