‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Is Negan Or Jesus In The Car When Daryl Killed The Group Of Saviors In The Mid-Season Premiere?

Last week on The Walking Dead season 6, episode 9 titled “No Way Out,” Daryl Dixon proved he’d make a way out when he took out Negan’s men with a rocket launcher. There was just one little detail that everyone is talking about from that scene, and no one knows the answer. Who is in the car way off in the distance that starts driving away right as Daryl pulls the trigger on that rocket launcher? Early theories pointed toward Negan, but now many are starting to think the suspicious car was driven by Jesus instead.

When Daryl blasted Negan’s bikers to smithereens, The Walking Dead fans naturally assumed it was Negan off in the distance, watching the drama unfold. Moviepilot presented a different theory and they might just be right. It is highly likely that the car was driven by Jesus, a popular character from the comic books. Jesus is part of the Hilltop Community, and in the comics, he eventually turns ally to Rick and ends up being one of his closest advisors.

We already know that Rick and Daryl are meeting up with Jesus in the upcoming season 6, episode 10 “The Next World.” In that episode, Jesus will outwit Rick and Daryl in an attempt to take their supply-filled truck. The episode is supposed to be a bit more entertaining and humorous than last week’s “No Way Out.” Good thing too because that nail-biter never lets up on the action, even causing a police call to one Montana family’s home because neighbors grew concerned about the sound coming from their home as they watched the TWD mid-season premiere. Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman have warned in recent interviews that TWD fans can expect a lot of action in the second half of season 6 so “The Next World” is just doing a bit of housekeeping as they switch gears and get read for some pretty intense action.

Paul “Jesus” Monroe is also an enemy of the thug Negan and it’s very likely that he was watching Negan’s goons when Daryl blew them up. Jesus from the comics is really smart and is an expert in hand to hand combat. TWD fans can assume that Jesus knows from watching Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham that they are part of a group, something Rick and Daryl lie about when they meet up with him in episode 10. If that is Jesus out in the distance, then he knows that Daryl and anyone affiliated with him is an enemy of Negan. Since his job is to recruit others to join him in battling Negan, who terrorizes other groups trying to survive, Jesus will definitely want to join forces with Rick and Daryl.

In the comics, Jesus becomes Rick Grimes’ right-hand man and trusted adviser. This has led to many theories about how Rick and Jesus could end up working together, and most of the end with Daryl’s death. You see, in the TWD comics, Rick doesn’t have Daryl, so when he meets up with Jesus, there’s room for a new ally. In The Walking Dead series, writers will either have to kill off Daryl or make some way for Rick, Daryl, and Jesus to all be friends. Of course, they could deviate completely from the comic books and have Jesus not be as integral to Rick’s group, but given the casting of Tom Payne to play the newest TWD character, fans are expecting him to play a huge part in the plot for the remainder of season 6.

It’s the arrival of Jesus that really leads to the threat of Negan, as he’s been terrorizing that group already. Jesus also tells Rick and his group about the multiple other communities in the area and offers to start trade routes. It’s like the beginning of a new civilization the way the comic books play out. That is until Negan makes his debut and proves that walkers are nowhere near the biggest threats in the post-apocalyptic world.

Fans are excited for the arrival of Jesus because it means new characters on The Walking Dead and also because the pace is really starting to pick up. At this point in the comic books is where The Walking Dead has a very exciting run so if the series follows suit, TWD fans are in for a real treat. Check out the explanation of Jesus and the Hilltop Community from the comic books below.

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