Joey And Rory Feek Experience Something Special They Haven’t In Long Time Due To Cancer Battle

Joey and Rory Feek know that cancer has essentially taken over their everyday life, and that time is very short for them to be together. Joey Feek, 40, realizes that these are likely her final days since terminal cancer has taken almost everything she owns, but she is making the most of them. On Valentine’s Day, the couple got to do something very special they had not been able to do in a very long time — snuggle together in bed as a married couple.

Rory Feek (49) wrote a very touching blog post on This Life I Live, which details the scenes and days of his life with his family. The latest posted was one that could have been described no better than calling it a “week to remember.”

Some may think it was a week to remember due to how busy it was.

They had the Grammy Awards where the couple was nominated for “Best Country Duo/Group Performance,” for one thing. Unfortunately, they didn’t end up taking home the award, and it brought forth an apology from Joey, but Rory simply joked and told his wife, “… there’s always next year.”

joey and rory feek birthday cancer birthday grammys
There was much more on the way though.

As pointed out by TODAY, Wednesday morning was the second birthday of their little girl, Indiana Feek, who couldn’t wait for her big day. Born with Down syndrome and learning sign language, she was said to be “barely awake” before signing to signify it was her birthday.

Joey Feek has opted to have hospice care during her final days battling terminal cancer, and she does it to be with her family. She’s been in hospice since October after choosing it over further cervical-cancer treatment she could have received in the hospital.

Celebrating Indiana’s second birthday on Wednesday was one of the many days and moments that Joey did not want to miss out on.

Still, there was more to come that week and it ended up being Valentine’s Day. It may seem inevitable, but the couple is always hoping that this day, or celebration, or holiday won’t be their last one together.

That being said, Joey and Rory Feek enjoyed something very endearing and special to any couple, but even more to them.

joey and rory feek week to remember valentine's day snuggle grammys
Joey Feek hadn’t been eating a lot in the past couple of months, but Rory drove through a blizzard to get her some sushi for Valentine’s Day. She loved every bit of it, and the lovely day and evening didn’t stop there.

Joey’s sisters dressed her up and did her make-up for the big night. The couple even had corsages to wear for Valentine’s Day, and they ate by candlelight. Rory wished Joey a good night and tucked her into bed, which was common practice for the couple now, but it wasn’t over yet.

The night may have almost come to an end, but Joey had one more request of her husband.

“When dinner was over, as I said goodnight and tucked the blankets around her in the little hospital bed she has been living in for months, she thanked me for the special night and then made one last request. ‘If Jody helps me to scoot over to one side … could you try to lay down with me and put your arms around me?’ I haven’t been able to be in the same bed with my wife or hold her in my arms since the beginning of November – when she made her last trip to the hospital. But for one sweet half-an-hour … that changed on Valentine’s day.”

Joey Feek’s battle with cancer is taking every bit of life that she has left in her, but she’s going to keep fighting until the last possible moment. So many great achievements are coming their way including recently being honored with the Sagamore of the Wabash Award for their Hoosier Spirit, but they’d simply love more time.

They’ve come to be known simply as “Joey and Rory” around the world, but they are so much more. Joey Feek’s battle with cancer is one that has been felt by so many people, and her husband, Rory, has been by her side for every single moment, and that included possibly one last snuggle and cuddle for Valentine’s Day.

[Image via This Life I Live]