Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch Apologizes Following DUI Arrest

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch on Friday issued an apology for his actions last Saturday when the California Highway Patrol arrested Lynch for driving under the influence (DUI).

Lynch was driving on a Northern California highway when he was pulled over and arrested.

In his apology issued on Friday Lynch said:

“I want to apologize to my family, the Seattle Seahawks, the NFL and the 12th Man for the negative attention resulting from my recent actions. This is not the type of community leader I have been over the last two years or the one I’m striving to become. I want to assure everyone that I will work to be better and look forward to a very exciting, and very successful season with the Seattle Seahawks.”

Lynch is set to return to court on August 14 to face two counts of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol and driving while having a blood-alcohol level of .08 or higher.

Police arrested Lynch after we was spotted swerving on Interstate 880 in Oakland, California. The filed report of the incident says Marshawn Lynch who was driving a Ford Econoline van nearly collided with two other adjacent vehicles.

Attorney Ivan Golde said Lynch actually blew under .08 during his preliminary screening and then blew above the state’s legal limit on a calibrated breathalyzer machine. Lynch could avoid DUI charges based on his preliminary breathalyzer test.

Lynch was released from Buffalo in 2010 after a season of off-field problems. In March 2009 Lynch pled guilty to misdemeanor gun charge in Los Angeles, that probably also wasn’t the type of “community leader” he wanted to be at the time.

The NFL running back was also involved in a May 2008 hit-and-run accident in Buffalo after striking a woman with his car near the bar district.

Lynch has a contract worth $31 million but he could see a chunk of his earnings disappear should the league choose to suspend him based on his repeated bad behavior.

In the meantime Marshawn Lynch may quite possible have the meanest mugshot ever taken of an NFL player:

Marshawn Lynch Mugshot