Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Has A Boyfriend? — Did Lie Detector Test Expose Relationship Of The ‘Aegyo Queen?’

When it comes to K-pop groups in general, the most-popular ones usually have the most exposure. As a result, they usually have the most fans digging into each members’ personal lives too. One such group is the ever so popular Girls’ Generation. Ever since their breakout hit “Gee” back in 2009, their devoted fan base known as Sones cannot get enough of them both. So when Girls’ Generation’s no dating clause with SM Entertainment expired, Sones were the first to find out which member would date whom.

As time went by, Sones found out who was dating whom starting as far back as late 2013. Yoona’s relationship with Lee Seung Gi was the first one revealed back in September 2013. This was followed up with four in 2014, Sooyoung and actor Jung Kyung Ho in January, Taeyeon with Baekhyun of EXO in February, and Hyoyeon with writer Kim Jun Hyung, and Tiffany with Nichkhun of 2PM in April. Finally, Yuri and Hanshin Tigers relief pitcher Oh Seung Hwan in April 2015.

Since then, all but Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho’s relationship have ended, with Yuri and Oh Seung Hwan’s relationship being the latest on the offset that Seung Hwan revealed he wasn’t looking forward to marriage at the moment.

Seohyun and Sunny
This brings us to the two members of Girls’ Generation who have yet to be mentioned, Seohyun and Sunny. As of now, both members have not been in any confirmed relationships. However, just because said relationships are not confirmed doesn’t mean they exist. Apparently, Sunny may actually have a boyfriend and she was outed by a lie detector. Yet, is Korea’s “Aegyo Queen” really in a relationship we don’t know about?

News of Lee Soon Kyu, better known as Sunny, supposedly having a boyfriend came about when AllKpop reported the time she visited her neighbor, Korean actress Hwang Shin Hye (Home Sweet Home, Producer), during a segment with CTV News. Sunny, along with Shin Hye and her daughter Lee Jin Yi (Korean model), asked each other questions about dating while using a lie detector. To the question of boyfriends, Sunny said she didn’t have one. Surprisingly, the lie detector said her answer was a lie.

Sunny Lie Detector Test
Many Sones would have thought they hit the jackpot on Sunny’s personal relationship life, but the so-called lie detector they used didn’t seem to work right according to all three of them. For example, Hwang Shin Hye said she was open to dating but the lie detector said otherwise. Shin Hye was visibly upset of the result, wondering why she, a divorced 52-year-old woman, would not be open to dating. Lee Jin Yi was also outed as a liar too when she said she didn’t currently have a guy she likes. At the end of the segment, Sunny gave a summary that best describes the awkward situation.

“That is so weird. Now we all look weird. What is this?”

It should be noted that television at times rigs such situations for entertainment purposes. This ranges from small parts, such as the entertaining segment Sunny was a part of, to bigger parts usually in variety shows. Concentrating on the latter part of that, Sunny might not have been in a confirmed relationship but she has somewhat admitted to dating. During her time on the second season of variety show Roommate, Sunny revealed her thoughts on relationships to fellow roommates Nana (from Orange Caramel and After School) and Lee Guk Joo (Korean comedian). Sunny claims there are serious relationships and relationships you try out lightly. Nana and Guk Joo then asked how many times Sunny dated if she combined both kinds of relationships. To their surprise, Sunny teasingly asked if the light relationships must be counted. Ultimately, the “Aegyo Queen” is no prude.

[Image via Screen Capture of Girls’ Generation Music Video for “Genie”]