Google Search Console Adds Ability For Webmasters To Get More Data While One-Click Verification Available For Pages

Google stated they wanted to know whether webmasters want more search data in their Google Search Console. For many webmasters, the answer is simple: identifying seasonal trends while having the opportunity to see a full year’s data to get a fuller picture of how a site performs over time.

The SEM Post reported that Zineb Ait, a Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, was giving webmasters a chance to weigh in on Twitter about the additional data. Webmasters who want the additional data were asked to use the following hashtag, #moredataSAN, while providing additional feedback. Zineb said that the request stems from a conversation at Google where Google staff is continuing to look at the idea of adding the additional data.

Additional feedback that Google asked for included asking webmasters what they would do with more than 90 days of data. Webmasters have a chance now to get the additional data that is critical to managing their sites and increasing their search traffic.

As previously reported in Inquisitr, Google Webmaster Tools previously added access to search analytics tools with the change to Google Search Console. The new console provided for webmasters is a suite of tools that allows webmasters to get their websites indexed in Google, as well as provide search analytics so webmasters can determine how their sites are performing in the search engine. It also tells them where their traffic is coming from. Google Search Console actually replaced Google Webmaster Tools as the way for webmasters to monitor their data. Google is the largest and most popular search engine and receives approximately 80 percent of the search traffic on the internet.

Search Engine Roundtable reported that Knowledge Graph Clicks aren’t reported in the Google Search Console. John Mueller of Google said in a Google Plus Hangout that the Knowledge Graph Clicks from the sidebar are not counted in search data.

“What I know we don’t count is the knowledge graph side bar. So if I search for your company name and then it has a link in the sidebar that goes to your company web site as well. So that is something we wouldn’t count in the Search Console. But I think the Sitelinks we should be counting. Otherwise I see that as a bug.”

Knowledge Graph is a knowledge base that Google uses to enhance its search engine results. The information enhances Google’s Search result by providing semantic-search information. Results are pulled from various sources, and Google began using the enhanced information back in 2012. The results are listed in the sidebar when searchers search.

Another enhancement reported by Search Engine Roundtable is that Google Search Console now allows for business owners to use the console to verify their businesses with just one click. In order to verify the Google Plus page, webmasters must have a verified business website within the console, and it must be the same website URL as the Google Plus page.

Google provides multiple options for businesses to verify their pages in Google Plus. Using the Google Search Console is a time saving feature provided to save business owners time when verifying their sites.

Google Search Console is just one of the many tools that Google created to allow small businesses to conveniently operate their businesses online. Other features offered by Google include tools like Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and Keep. Some of the tools, like Google Adwords and YouTube Ads require business owners to pay for their advertising while most tools are free for businesses to use to collaborate. Google also offers solutions that allow business to build a retail presence in addition offering Google Plus Business pages to advertise.

[Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images]