‘The Vampire Diaries’ Hints Klaroline Is Back On The Cards With Most Recent Flash Forward [Spoilers]

The most recent episode of The Vampire Diaries hints that Klaroline could still be in the cards. The flash forward at the end of the episode suggests that Caroline and Klaus are still in contact with each other, which makes sense considering the trailer for next week’s episode.

The Vampire Diaries this week told the story of Rayna Cruz becoming The Huntress, with a link back to Season 3’s Brotherhood of the Five storyline. It turned out that Rayna’s father was one of the Five Hunters, and she may have his supernatural abilities. While she was given extra abilities due to a sacrifice from her tribe, it does mean that any vampire that kills her could end up suffering mentally.

This does help link to Klaus quite easily. He was around in the third season when Elena was going through her mental breakdown after killing one of the Five Hunters. Klaus locked her away, until he could find the next hunter to take his place. Sure enough, he actually helped to save the day.

He is also one of the most powerful vampires, and managed to survive the torture for centuries after killing a hunter. With Stefan now on Rayna’s radar, it makes sense that he would run to Klaus for help. However, that does not fully link Caroline to him just yet.

It has been the flash forward that gives Klaroline fans some hope on The Vampire Diaries. She is seen driving along with two children in the car—presumably Alaric’s twins—who call her mommy. When one asks where they are going, Caroline tells them “to New Orleans” where they will see a friend. That friend just has to be Klaus, considering last week’s flash forward scene showed Stefan go to Matt.

Zap2It reports that The Vampire Diaries could see a Klaroline relationship because of the flash forward. However, it could also be conveniently added to allow Candice King some maternity leave. The whole reason Caroline’s pregnancy was written into the show was because the actress was actually pregnant at the time.

E! Online also reports that there is a Klaroline scene coming up in the show, and likely during the crossover between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals next week. Caroline Dries, executive producer for the show, said that there was a scene between Caroline and Klaus that had gotten so long that it had to be cut; then she said that she was just kidding. There is no confirmation over whether this is set in the past or the future, but there are high chances that it will be in the future considering the flash forward.

It is also unclear just where the flash forward scene takes place in connection with all the other flash forwards. The scenes have not always run in sequence, leaving fans wondering just how it all pieces together. One thing that is clear, Caroline is not going to see Stefan, because she mentioned him while on the phone to Alaric. Chances are she needs Klaus to help her save Stefan and bring an end to The Huntress.

Fans have taken to Twitter to thank showrunner Julie Plec for the Klaroline hints. It has been a long time coming for fans, considering how the hint of a relationship has been set up for so long. However, some Steroline fans are not happy since it could mean a not-so-happy ending for Stefan and Caroline. After all, Stefan was seen kissing Valerie in his flash forward last week.

Details are still unclear, but will hopefully become clear next week when The Vampire Diaries crosses over with The Originals.

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