Jimmy Fallon, Bryan Cranston Share Bathtub Interview For ‘Trumbo’ [Video]

Jimmy Fallon and Bryan Cranston are both huge celebrities, but for very different reasons. Jimmy is known for his regular contests with celebrities meant to get a clean laugh from audiences. Bryan is known for his dark humor embedded in highly dramatic performances.

Fallon has played beer pong with Nina Dobrev, rolled around on stage with Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, and Heidi Klum, and played egg roulette with Anna Kendrick. He’s competed in celebrity lip sync battles with Emma Stone, Ellen DeGeneres, and Tom Cruise. He played phone booth trivia involving several celebrities, and he’s not stopping the Tonight Show shenanigans any time soon.


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Bryan Cranston has had other roles, but he’s mostly known for playing Walter White on AMC’s Breaking Bad. Opposite Aaron Paul, he played a chemistry teacher with lung cancer who discovered he could cover his treatment and become a billionaire by becoming a meth “cook” and distributing his wares through various means.

Having now added the role of a blacklisted ghost writer in Trumbo, Bryan Cranston is back. Jimmy Fallon did a little digging and found a picture of the actual Dalton Trumbo, whom Cranston had just portrayed on the big screen, writing from his bathtub.

This inspired Jimmy Fallon and Bryan Cranston to share a bathtub themselves for an all-new comedy segment which doubled as an interview.

The initial part of the interview started normally, with both men sitting in their respective places. Fallon was behind the desk as Cranston took the usual celebrity chair. Jimmy brought up how it was difficult for him to believe his guest was even playing the role, and Bryan replied, “Well I’m not in it.”

After this comedic revelation, Fallon shares a photo of Dalton Trumbo in his bathtub, writing one of his many allegedly unaccredited films. Cranston explained that Trumbo had developed a back problem, and the apparent suggestion was to take a lengthy bath every day. He added that Trumbo didn’t have time for that and took his desk with him to write while doing what was suggested.

Fallon suddenly felt inspired and told Cranston he wanted to take the interview to “another level.” After Bryan asked him, “Are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?” a bathtub was rolled out on stage as the two men walked toward it.

Without even taking their clothes off, the two simply stepped into the tub filled with suds. Bryan Cranston took a face full of suds as Jimmy Fallon started laughing and experiencing technical problems, such as not being able to see his guest through the bubbles. Jimmy then proceeded to take his pants off and throw them out of the tub, and Bryan followed up with the same. Bryan then went one further and took off his boxers, and Jimmy replied, “I go commando.”

They followed up this bout of spontaneous hilarity by playing a clip of Trumbo where Louis C.K. attempts to explain to Cranston that he doesn’t want to “lose it all” to the Hollywood heavyweights and authorities.

Trumbo is about a man who gets blacklisted and told never to write again, but proceeds to start ghost writing for other people to keep his business going. In a way, there is a subtle parallel to Cranston’s Breaking Bad character.

As the clip ends, we find Jimmy Fallon and Bryan Cranston on the same side of the bathtub. Bryan finishes off the interview asking if Jimmy wants him to wash his back, “I think I feel a sponge in here.”

Fallon then reveals there is no sponge, raising the awkward levels to a new high. What did you think of their interview in the bathtub?

[Image via Theo Wargo / Getty Images for NBC, John Phillips / Getty Images]