Anna Duggar Shares Rare Social Media Post As Duggar Family Prepares To Return To TV [Video]

Although Anna Duggar has largely stayed off of social media since learning her husband, Josh Duggar, cheated on her and admitted to a pornography addiction, the mother of four recently resurfaced to attend a marriage conference with her mother in law, Michelle Duggar. Anna shared a rare photo over social media depicting her standing with Michelle, as well as Priscilla Shirer, who stars in the faith-based movie, War Room.

To share her experience with fans, Anna tweeted a photo of herself captioning the snap “I got to meet one of my heroes tonight!” The meet and greet with Shirer was part of the Fervent Tour, which came to Anna Duggar’s hometown of Springdale, Arkansas. According to the Gospel Herald, Priscilla Shirer is also the author of the New York Times Bestseller Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan for Serious, Specific, and Strategic Prayer.

Anna Duggar has had a rough year since the Josh Duggar scandals surfaced, and despite public pressure to leave her husband, the mother of four has stayed steadfast in her devotion. By way of explanation, Anna told the over 3 million viewers who tuned into the first episode of Jill And Jessa: Counting On that when she married Josh, she “vowed to God first and then to Joshua” that she would put her marriage above everything else.

Anna also confessed that she believes she is “an extension of God’s love to Joshua,” and because of her faith, she “would love [Duggar] and forgive him and wait patiently and allow God to work through our hearts.”

In addition to her appearance on Jill And Jessa: Counting On, Anna Duggar has also shared her thoughts about her marriage on the Duggar family’s personal blog. On January 23, Anna wrote that “its actually humbling and touching” that so many fans were concerned about her welfare during the Josh Duggar scandals.

Although Duggar has firmly said she won’d divorce Josh, Anna has also revealed that it does not mean her marriage is happy right now. Confessing that “2015 was the most difficult year of my life,” Anna revealed that through her personal crisis “God has drawn near to me,” and her “faith has been more precious to me than ever before.”

Describing that now she has a “long difficult road” ahead of her, Anna indicated that her marriage with Josh might be rockier than it seems from the outside. Telling fans that she “can never express how your kindness and prayers have brought encouragement when I needed it most,” Anna said the good wishes “outpac[ed] the grief and discouragement at every turn.”

Duggar fans might have another opportunity to get another behind the scenes look at Anna’s marriage to Josh Duggar, since a filming crew has been spotted with the famous family in their hometown. Even though the Duggars deny any new series is in the works, they’ve been spotted several times with cameras following them.

A source close to the project revealed to Entertainment Tonight that there is, indeed, a new Duggar series in the works. Anna was recently spotted at a lumberyard with her sisters in law, Jana and Jinger Duggar, sparking rumors that she and Josh might return to TLC airwaves. The source said that Josh is doing “just fine” in rehab, and is nearing six months in the facility.

According to Entertainment Tonight, neighbors are not happy to see the camera crews back. “There is a lot of hate regarding the family,” the source revealed. After the Josh Duggar scandals rocked the town, the Duggar clan is not “the same family in many people’s eyes.”

Regarding whether there will be a new series, the source said “I’m sure there will be more girls courting soon,” which is a major draw for TLC.

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