Young Thug Armed, Gambles, ‘Rarely Eats’

Young Thug is known as one of the most interesting characters in Rap music today – with an interesting array of arch enemies and dedicated followers.

Despite having major legal problems stemming from alleged assault on a mall security guard, threatening to shoot the guard, and at least six warrants for drugs and drug paraphernalia found in his Atlanta apartment, as well as being involved in an indictment that alleged he and Birdman were involved somehow in the April 2015 shooting of Lil Wayne’s tour bus, Thug continues to make music and has been on a large and successful European tour with a U.S. judge’s permission to leave the country.

The oddities of Young Thug don’t end with his inability to stay within the confines of the law, however. The young rapper wears almost exclusively female clothing, even appearing in ballerina tutus and other similar ultra-femme clothing that he accentuates during his prolific posting on Instagram. He’s even said that he has association with gangs, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

According to DJ Booth, his personal habits are very unusual as well. Despite his well documented riches and success, the tall and lean rapper may not be a product of pure genetics; he’s said to rarely eat. He has said he “dislikes eating” and has been known to go for days without food. When he does eat, he prefers snack-type food such as hot fries or Funyuns, and many people familiar with him state that’s all they have seen him eat. A reporter from GQ commented on what he witnessed Young Thug eat.

“Thug was at one end of the table, eating Hot Fries from a vending machine (only thing I ever saw him eat), wearing a Bathing Ape hoodie and holding upwards of $10,000 in twenties and hundreds. Offset, from Migos, was standing next to him holding a similar amount, his dreads gathered in three hair elastics like a tricorn hat.”

Young Thug and his girlfriend in a Twitter post captioned "She's still sexy!!" [Image via Twitter]
Young Thug and his girlfriend in a Twitter post captioned “She’s still sexy!!” [Image via Twitter]
Rather than eat lobster and sushi, what he does appear to enjoy spending money on is gambling. His creative director, Be El Be, has been quoted as saying he is concerned about the gambling problem, as are members of Young Thug’s family.

“There are two Thugs. One a rapper and one a gambler. This ain’t Thug, it’s Lil Jeff. I think he like shooting dice more than rapping. I saw him win a $100,000 watch a couple weeks ago. Lost all this money and then took it all and the watch, tricked them. He’s slick. That’s why they call him Slime. Gives new meaning to Slime Season. His family is alarmed by his habit. Thug’s brother Bennie was killed in front of him over a gambling argument. It’s a bit surprising that such a traumatic event wouldn’t keep him away from lady luck. It’s been said that he’s receiving $50K a show and around that price for features, that’s a lot of money to potentially throw away. His sisters are actively trying to keep the sharks away but Thug has been swimming in that water for too long to give up without one more roll. The best they can hope for is to keep him away from Vegas.”

With his rumored drug abuse, legal troubles, gambling problems and sporadic eating, it’s interesting that Young Thug still has time to be successful as a rapper, but his record sales continue to grow. Many fans are enamored with not only his music, but his style and persona, which seems to be dynamic and have no limits. It’s nearly impossible to guess his next move, but Young Thug has said that he enjoys people talking about him.

[Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for EDITION]