May 17, 2017
'Game Of Thrones' Melisandre Attends Baby Shower In Seth Meyers Sketch (Video)

Game of Thrones' witchy vixen Melisandre (Carice van Houten) made an appearance Thursday night even though the HBO cult sensation is between seasons. Where did she turn up, you may ask? In a Seth Meyers sketch where she was his guest at a baby shower. If you aren't a Game of Thrones fan, you won't get the joke right away, but even if you aren't familiar with GoT or Melisandre's dark vibe, you'll appreciate this clip.

Reader beware, mild spoilers follow.

The sketch, featured on Thursday's edition of Late Night with Seth Meyers, also features Meyers' wife Alexi Ashe and is set during her baby shower. It opens with some friends of the mother-to-be offering inspirational motherhood quotes. Then it is Melisandre's turn to offer advice, someone who any Game of Thrones fan will tell you is not exactly the kind of person who hangs out with mommies and kiddies, nor someone you take parenting advice from, like, ever.

Just ask Stannis Baratheon (Stephen Dillane.) Oh wait, you can't ask him because he followed her advice, and that didn't work out so well for him, did it?

Anyway, two cheerful soccer moms chime in with warm, fuzzy quotes, but Melisandre just can't adapt to the jovial occasion.

"Clutch your child close to your breast, woman. For the night is dark and full of terrors."
Meyers reminds Melisandre it's supposed to be a happy, light-hearted celebration, which prompts an awkward -- and hilarious -- attempt to look happy by the dark lady of Game of Thrones. But she still isn't getting the hang of it as the other ladies ask about the baby's gender, which Meyers and his wife are saving as a surprise.
"Pray that it's a son so the Lord of Light can look down upon him with favor. And if it's a girl, lock it away in a dark tower forever and hope it's not consumed by grayscale."
Yeah, it's fair to say Melisandre won't be the life of any party. Unless, of course, it's a pagan ritual with human sacrifice by burning at the stake.

Meyers pulls her aside a couple of times to coach her on how to blend more with the other ladies, encouraging her to tell a funny story about herself. As you might expect, it doesn't go well. The Red Woman's approach to parenting was an epic fail in the world of Game of Thrones, so no surprise she also failed here, although her attempts are quite admirable and entertaining for the audience. The shower guests, however, don't fare as well when she starts using her Game of Thrones witchy powers to light a fire in the party, quite literally.

Game of Thrones fans agonizing over the fate of Jon Snow (Kit Harington) may have noted that even Melisandre seems unsure whether he is alive or dead, but she's still hoping for a romantic hook-up down the road after her unsuccessful attempt to seduce him last season. If the Game of Thrones heartthrob is still alive, maybe she might have a chance, as Snow has shown a penchant for redheads.

Kit Harington
Kit Harington [Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Images]

However, according to all recent Game of Thrones cast members, Snow is quite dead. The most recent GoT cast member to chime in was Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jamie Lannister, who made it clear to Jimmy Kimmel in no uncertain terms.

"Listen, he was stabbed 50 times in the heart. He's dead... he's gone."
But it's a magical fantasy universe, so you can bet George R. R. Martin has something up his sleeve, right? Right?

Game of Thrones fan girls aren't giving up on Jon Snow no matter how many times he's stabbed. GoT Season 6 premieres April 24, on HBO at 9 p.m. ET.

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