Victoria Beckham At Pains To Prove She Does Have A Left Hand After All

Victoria Beckham presented her new Fall/Winter collection at New York Fashion Week, according to the Financial Times.

The wife of football star David Beckham boasted feminine strength in her new collection with the help of “boyish undertones,” as said by Victoria Beckham herself. The collection featured layers that included the kind of bustiers the former Spice Girls singer used in her first corset dresses, prints and knits.

Victoria Beckham presented a range of skirts to suit the needs of every woman, but there were mostly large volume skirts. What attracted the attention of New York Fashion Week’s guests the most was Beckham’s coats, some of which looked layered with knit sleeves sewn to achieve the layered effect.

The collection included 38 looks, and Victoria Beckham combined elements that are usually not combined in modern fashion: jersey corsets with man-style trousers, and underneath coats decorated with waxed cord stitching. Overall, the collection boasted a rich variety in styles and colors.

It must be noted that Victoria Beckham’s new collection is rather light for a winter season. As explained by the designer herself, she took into consideration the different territories in which her brand is selling clothes.

And while coats present a great part of the collection, Victoria Beckham said that it’s still nice to show “what’s going on underneath.” As explained by the designer in an interview with AFP, she just wanted to show how her personal style has evolved over the years.

“I just wanted to look at what I’ve worn and what I love and just rework those pieces to make them feel new and fresh and just show how my personal style has evolved.”

By presenting this collection, Victoria Beckham showed that she is now an established designer and she is proud of her decision over 10 years ago, when she decided to try her hand at designing clothing.

Speaking of Victoria Beckham’s hands: she has a left hand, after all! The designer has been wearing large items of knitwear lately, which made The Daily Mail wonder whether the Victoria Beckham left hand existed at all.

And according to a new report by The Daily Mail, Beckham still has a left hand!

Victoria Beckham answered the claims by showing off her left hand on Friday in New York. Beckham, wearing an oversized jumper, dressed casually and effortlessly as she stepped outside her hotel.

Victoria Beckham held her left hand up to her face, clearly sending a message “Look, I do have a left hand!” The paparazzi also caught a glimpse of her fingers peeking out of the long sleeves.

While being away from home and her husband, Victoria Beckham got all sentimental on Instagram, letting her fans know that she misses David very much. The designer shared a cute message about love and wall art, while she wrote a sweet caption.

“Love is the answer! Miss u @davidbeckham x vb.”

Victoria Beckham managed to introduce the pleated skirt into winter street style by stepping out in a pleated skirt in New York last week, according to Vogue. The skirt was designed by Beckham herself.

Victoria Beckham has always been creative with fashion ideas and has always focused her designer’s career on oversize mannish looks, and now she makes women around the world satisfied. The pleated skirt is sure to become every fashion girl’s best friend this season.

Victoria Beckham also showed off an orange turtleneck sweater – a fresh idea for winter, which is usually associated with grey and black colors.

[Photo by Anthony Harvey / Getty Images]